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As I was interviewing for my first job another person was in the next room taking their drug screen. It came back positive for amphetamines. I know they send it off again to another lab to be tested, but this had me wonder what... Read More

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    I don't know. I admitted powerlessness and then, decided to learn self control. I am around people who do drink and if I just admitted powerlessness and didn't learn to say "no, I don't need this" and find other ways of coping, then I would be drunk every night.

    My parents still drink, my brother drinks, and I have friends who drink. I live at home, and yes, there is alcohol in my house. I can't throw it away, it's not mine. So, I deal with seeing alcohol every time I open the refrig. There is a point where you have to learn self control when you see alcohol. I do think about it, dream about it, but I can't control my thoughts, I can control my actions. I don't know how else to put it.

    This isn't a "me" world, just because I don't drink doesn't mean everyone else will follow suit. I can avoid bars and places where people are drinking, but when someone in my house does still have wine and such, it's not so easy to avoid. That's what I mean "self control".

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    wish me luck

    I'm sorry I misunderstood what you meant by self-control. I completely agree that we can't stop others from drinking around us. I've been in recovery so long that I don't really think much about it when people are drinking near me. I just go on with whatever I'm doing. Sometimes in early recovery it's pretty hard to be around people drinking and have to "bite the bullet". My husband is also in recovery (we met at an AA meeting) and his favorite thing to say is, "I joined AA, not the temperance league".

    As far as thinking about alcohol or dreaming about it, that's really pretty common. In January, I'll have 24 years sobriety and, once in a blue moon, I'll have a dream about drinking. About 2 months ago I was going through some major emotional upheaval and before I even realized what I was doing, I was getting in my car to go to CVS and get something alcoholic. This is how powerful the addiction is & how sneaky it can be.
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    Lol, yeah the cycle. I would sneak to the doctor, get my secret supply, and then when I ran out and the withdrawal symptoms started(flu-like stuff)- everyone said "You need to go to the doctor

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