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Hi. I was wanting to start a thread for only people in the Virginia Monitoring Program. I am not finding too many threads about it or people in it. I have started into it and will be doing... Read More

  1. by   wish_me_luck
    I have no idea if it is permanent. I have not gotten that far yet. I do know that it will be public info for the 5 years you are in HPMP. I know that once you complete HPMP that a person can be issued a compact license. I do not know how difficult finding work is. I personally do not have a nursing job yet; however, I am also a new grad. I have no idea about the NP thing either. HPMP is not only for drug diversion--I have seen people in it for drug diversion; DUIs; and mental illness. So, in talking prescriptive authority, I don't know. I understand what you mean because of possible writing prescriptions for narcotics though. Since you are still dealing with the Board, it might be better to ask them now about future NP licensing and prescriptive authority. I hope I don't ever have to go before the Board/discipline staff, but I know when I dealt with them when I got my nursing license, they were very nice and helpful. However, once they are finished dealing with your case and you are in HPMP, they do ask that you go through your case manager, instead. So, if you are still dealing with the Board directly, ask your questions now regarding future licenses. They get very busy.
  2. by   HunnieBadger
    They might just ban your prescribing of narcotics and controls. I think at a point it's not going to be th program that's stops your advanced education, it's going to be the schools and their acceptance of it. Good luck either way!
  3. by   wish_me_luck
    It looks like after HPMP completion, the information is hidden. I looked up someone's license I know has done HPMP before and the first time was hidden. I have no idea if it stays in NURSYS though. Do not quote me on it, but that is what it looks like happens.
  4. by   vamurse
    Thanks to all who replied. I have met with and am now enrolled in HPMP. It looks like the difference between our cases, WML, is that you were ordered into HPMP correct? I am considered voluntary And thus my info is currently not public knowledge. The va Bon receives the report from the in investigator and when they see that the nurse in question is in HPMP, they grant a stay of disciplinary action which is not public info. As long as one is compliant with the program they tell me this will never be on a nurses record. Hope this sheds some light on a confusing and upsetting subject to others out there. Good luck to all and thanks again to all who replied to me.
  5. by   wish_me_luck
    I was not ordered into it. I was given the options of HPMP or IFC. I took HPMP because I wanted my license. I do not know if yours will be public. Everyone that I have met has had theirs online. I think it is removed after HPMP expires. You have to let your employer know you are in it when you are ok'd for employment and find a job. They have to fill out a form monthly.

    All cases involving the Board get Board Orders. I thought mine was private until I found my Board Order online on the Boards license look up. It was about two months after I signed it.
  6. by   OverwhelmednVA
    Hey there, new to all of this.. But I think it's a good idea to join for support because it looks like its going to be a long road ahead of me. Just a quick question while I have a little but of time to post.. With the hpmp program.. Is there a specific timeframe I have to enter.. I haven't talked to the board yet but just saw I received a message from them today to contact them. I was terminated a month ago for a failed drug test and my employer said they would be contacting the board so I knew this was coming, just wasn't sure when. If given the chance from the board I would like to do the program, but since being fired I haven't worked and the costs worries me. I guess I'm just asking if they give me time to get some money saved up for the program before I officially enter it. I'm sorry if my post doesn't make sense or is in the wrong place, as of right now my brain is overloaded with questions and fear. Thanks for any information everyone
  7. by   vamurse
    Overwhelmed, your life and career are not over. This is all a lot at once I know and it seems the sky is falling but take heart that all is not lost. I'm fairly new to HPMP but have settled into it now and things are looking up already. I sent u a PM call anytime and ill explain all I know and have experienced this far.
  8. by   OverwhelmednVA
    It's been a little while since I posted... Not much to update really as it seems this ball rolls really.. Really.. Slow. I thought by now I would be on the way to really getting things in this program started.. But between waiting for letters and phone tag it really is a slow process.. I signed my contract with hpmp at the end of September and I haven't even been to orientation yet.. Finally got an appointment with Richmond iop for next week.. I guess after my assessment they will figure out what to do to me.. Haven't started drug screens yet or counseling.. So this all means I'm no closer to being allowed to work again. It is frustrating but I keep telling myself one day it will be better! Thank goodness for supportive family.. And messaging boards here at all nurses . If anyone has an experience with Richmond iop I'd love to hear about it right now they just want me to have an assessment done and go from that I guess.
  9. by   Ps_RN
    I'm currently under contract with HPMP. If anyone has any questions or want to be a support system for each other let me know!
  10. by   OverwhelmednVA
    Just a random thought, but does anyone think getting a lawyer might help to get the 5 years knocked down a little? I don't know if once you sign your contract with hpmp if it is too late to get a lawyer. I have no criminal charges so who knows if a lawyer would even do any good. Just a thought I had today and decided to get some input
  11. by   sissiesmama
    Hi! I know in Louisiana once u sign the contract it's too late to change anything.

    Anne, RNC
  12. by   nrcofer1
    Thankyou for your post. I live in Chesapeake, VA and just attended HPMP orientation. Where can I go to attend Caduceus meetings? Thankyou.
  13. by   vamurse
    There's three meetings in our area. Norfolk @ Norfolk general, va beach @ vb psych and Newport News though I don't know the location. Norfolk is wed @ 6 or 7 I think and vb is thurs @ 6. HPMP should have given you a list but I've heard that they often forget to do this. PM me if you have any questions.