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Hi. I was wanting to start a thread for only people in the Virginia Monitoring Program. I am not finding too many threads about it or people in it. I have started into it and will be doing orientation soon. I will try and post... Read More

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    I am new to all of this. I never diverted I had my own Rx. Problem I have is the Md I worked for would just righta Rx for whatever I wanted whenever I needed a refill and not make a official office visit or question it. Well I am new at at nursing and I caled in meds all the time for the staff and providers including himt so I just assumed that is the way it works. Well anyway this has come back to bite me in the behind. I am being investigated bu the Va BON and I am freaking out. I have retained a lawyer but that does not make it any easier. They say I should do HPMP to save my license from dicipiinary action and they mentioned possibility of Criminal charges I thought I was going to DIE. Any advice

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    My fear is that doing HPMP will make it impossible to get a job. I am a LPN not a RN and think that the RN's have a better shot of getting employment than an LPN. I feel like who would want to waste there time on me when they can get a new grad without any blemishes,
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    We cannot give legal advice. The job thing depends where you live and ultimately, the employer. I have to disagree about the LPN thing as far as market ability.

    Have you decided to do HPMP or are you still deciding between IFC or HPMP?
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    What is IFC?
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    IFC is an informal conference (it's a meeting with 3 people made up of staff and Board members). It's informal in that it's a smaller group of people versus a Formal Hearing, which is a full Board.

    I was given the choice between an IFC or HPMP. I was told that there are many possible outcomes from an IFC-- approval without restriction, approval upon entering HPMP, probation, denial, etc. The denial scared me a lot. I decided to do HPMP instead of risking it at an IFC.
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    I was told I should do HPMP and I was told that I would probably get a stay of dicipline. When I completed the program I would not have anything on my license. Is that how they explained it to you?
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    Hello all. New here. I have just recently begun HPMP and am still worried sick about this whole process, my family, my career etc. thanks so much for this thread. Any advice for a newbie like me? The investigator from the BON made it sound as if I may not ever get called in front of the board as long as I am compliant with HPMP and there will be nothing permanent on my license. Is this true? My license is currently listed as active and unrestricted with multi state privilege. I know that I can not work until they let me but when might they let me work? What kinds of practice will they allow? I have worked only in crit care and level I trauma and am passionate about this and hospice but these fields have readily available narcs. I'm not worried about using again but I'm sure HPMP will be. I want to become a CRNA or NP, is this dream now more if a pipe dream? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    First, I have no idea what you are in HPMP for. That being said, yes, it might be true that you may never have to go before the Board; however, once you agree to HPMP, instead of going before the Board, a Board Order is drawn up (it takes many weeks). You have to sign it before a notary and send it back. The executive director signs it and then a "true copy" is sent to you. That Board Order goes online as public information when people look up your license. So, HPMP is not private information (some states allow people to enter monitoring programs in confidentiality--not Virginia). Being in HPMP also means that you have a restricted license versus a compact license--it will be "Valid VA Only"; at least mine is.

    You can't work as a nurse the first 3 months into HPMP. Then, they must approve you working as a nurse (if you look for a job as a nurse before the 3 month mark, then you can be kicked out of HPMP and reported to the Board). Usually, if you diverted, then there is a narcotic restriction--it is usually 6 months, then they will review your case. However, that is not the case for everyone (it depends why you are in HPMP). I recently was told to apply for anything I am interested in and they will look at my situation (mental illness and alcohol abuse--the alcohol abuse is a history, now) on a case by case basis. So, I guess not everyone is given a narcotic restriction or it may be shorter or longer, depending on the situation. They staff the jobs, if you find one that looks promising (the case managers and Medical Director has to look at the job description and say "yay" or "nay" to it.) You cannot work nights--defined as 11 PM to 7 AM (third shift). No home health as a first job upon approval to work. There are 36 drug screens a year, as long as you don't mess things up. You have to go to AA/NA meetings and Caduceus/Nurse Support Group meetings, per your contract. HPMP contracts are 5 years long.

    I don't know if CRNA or NP is a pipe dream. I am thinking about NP school as a possible future plan, as well (I used to want a MPH--but now I am conflicted between MPH and NP).
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    But there will be a permanent public record of this on my license for ever? The people in the caduceus meetings I have attended seem to think otherwise. I don't see how any of us would be accepted into a masters program, especially one where we have prescriptive authority, with this kind of thing in our records. Btw I am doing this because of taking IV opiates from a waste bin in the med room. I have just celebrated 30 days clean and am trying to keep positive but the future is still scary being so full of uncertainty. I assume finding work is difficult after this but is it impossible? Thanks for all of the info you have posted in here, you've been very helpful.
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    I have no idea if it is permanent. I have not gotten that far yet. I do know that it will be public info for the 5 years you are in HPMP. I know that once you complete HPMP that a person can be issued a compact license. I do not know how difficult finding work is. I personally do not have a nursing job yet; however, I am also a new grad. I have no idea about the NP thing either. HPMP is not only for drug diversion--I have seen people in it for drug diversion; DUIs; and mental illness. So, in talking prescriptive authority, I don't know. I understand what you mean because of possible writing prescriptions for narcotics though. Since you are still dealing with the Board, it might be better to ask them now about future NP licensing and prescriptive authority. I hope I don't ever have to go before the Board/discipline staff, but I know when I dealt with them when I got my nursing license, they were very nice and helpful. However, once they are finished dealing with your case and you are in HPMP, they do ask that you go through your case manager, instead. So, if you are still dealing with the Board directly, ask your questions now regarding future licenses. They get very busy.

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