transferring diversion programs?

  1. Has anyone ever transferred diversion programs? Ive been in California's since Aug 2012. I am eligible for NJ's and probably NY's as well, and I was wondering if anyone has switched. I would be switching for family reasons as well as school.
    Does anyone know the length of time of either of those programs? Anyone have experience with either??
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  3. by   HunnieBadger
    Check with your board manager, NC allows you to transfer but you then are at the mercy of the new states program and whatever they want you to then comply with.
  4. by   subee
    New Jersey - 5 years. New York 2 years.
  5. by   NYCRN82
    thanks so much guys...subee, do you know if it is two years total? for example, I started out here in 8/2012, so would I be done in 8/2014?
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  6. by   wish_me_luck
    I know in VA, if you leave the program and go to the new state you have to contend with the following: 1) You may not be let out of HPMP (some people have actually had to contend with two programs because of moving); 2) The new state may or may not accept you into their program or even license you; 3) From my understanding, you don't credit for time in. That means, if you moved; then, you would have to start over. Like if you moved and started the new program in like April 2013, you wouldn't get done until April 2015 in NY or April 2018 in NJ. It doesn't usually go from the date you started in CA.. I could be wrong; but I have had a person or two tell me, where I live, that when they switched programs, they had to start over.
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    This is the quoted from the NCBON CDDP contract "License agrees to notify the Program if planning a move to another state_ Relocating to another state may result in termination from the Program and suspension of the license."
    I wish you well in your future, Always remember to communticate with any board via paper trail and THROUGHLY get clarification if you do not understand something ask questions till you do understand. Most importantly get everything in writing. Never assume with any board............
  8. by   Umberlee
    I tried to contact both the state of Montana's peer assistance program and Pennsylvania's program when we were looking at potential moves. Neither one even bothered to contact me back--no big shock, seeing how lackadaisical my own case-manager is with time-sensitive concerns.

    I'm just keeping a move off the table until I have graduated from the program here. I don't want to deal with jumping through the hoops just to start all over. I have heard though that when you apply for licensure in another state and have to say "yes" to the question about having action against your license that the state you are moving to can still place you on their program, even if you have graduated from your state of origin's program. I wouldn't doubt it. Some of these programs are so bloated and self-serving that it just makes me sick.