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  1. I'm scheduled to complete TPAPN on July 29th (thank god) and i was just curious about the completion process. They don't give you a whole lot of info as far as what exactly happens. I know they send my employer a letter to confirm my completion, but does anything else happen? Is there any paperwork I have to fill out or a final meeting or something? Or do I just stop calling in on July 29th and get some sort of confirmation in the mail? My case manager said to call her when I had a few weeks left just to touch base, but I'd like to know what to expect.

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  3. by   RNRutRO

    First off--CONGRATS MY FRIEND!!!!!! I don't remember what the success rate of TPAPN is, but I was shocked when I found out it wasn't that high! You are in the last stretch of this road.

    Be prepared to take your two UA tests earlier in the month (I think mine were back to back), AND you still have to have TWO chain of custody's on hand (unless they've changed) Make sure that ALL your paperwork is in as timely as possible. I think I faxed the last month's paperwork in as quickly as I could including the weekly meeting sheets, but they still wanted the hard copies. Call and ask your CM helper if you have everything "current" as of now. I think they were missing a quarterly report on me, even though I had already mailed with some other ppwk that wasn't missing.

    I then got a call from my CM telling me that I had completed the program, how much she enjoyed my "attitude"(If she only knew the times I screamed in my car alone, cried, or laughed out of desperation), and would I please consider being an advocate to the program. Something I haven't done, but really feel I should give back since the help was there for me when I needed it. Once that happened, I could quit calling the daily number. I think I still did a couple of times, just out of habit. Plus, when you are finished, any extra COC forms you may have, you can mail them back and get credit for them.

    A word of caution---continue to follow ALL the rules until you hear otherwise!! Also, for me, that last month was almost like a whole year in time!! I literally felt like the month lasted FOREVER. Which isn't the case, but I think you get so excited counting down the months, that it's like watching a pot of water boil----takes forever.

    Congrats on your success. Remeber, this is just the beginning of your LIFELONG recovery. Just because you have completed the program, does not mean you still don't have to work on yourself.

    Any questions you have, send me a PM and I will do my best to answer. I am so freakin happy for you!!! Great day!!
  4. by   lance197728
    Thanks RNRutRo. It's been a long long road. I actually talked to my cm last week and she said I could be done after my second test in July...if they were back to back early in the month that would be awesome!
  5. by   RNRutRO
    It has been a long long road!! And the finish line is in site!! I remember when you were looking for a job. Did you stay in Victoria in med surg??? Have you thought about being an advocate once you are done???
  6. by   lance197728
    I am going to be an advocate but not right away...I'd like 3-6 months without having to think about tpapn lol. I did stay in Victoria but was able to transfer back to cvicu when my narc restrictions were done....that was about a year ago. I am leaving Victoria in late august-early September but i'm not sure where I'm going .
  7. by   RNRutRO
    That is so AWESOME!!! I am so happy for you. I said the same thing about being an advocate, yet I haven't done it. It's been almost TWO years. LOL. I do feel like I should, but then again, I also feel like I wouldn't be a good one. We will see.....

    Please keep us posted so I can do my "official happy dance" for you. Also, let me know what you think about the last month taking FOREVER!!
  8. by   bl lvn
    wow!! I complete TPAPN in march 2012.. that's like 6months away! I can honestly say that this program saved my life and my career.. I thought about being an advocate after I'm done but I'm going to wait until after I get my BSN.. I can't wait to stop calling into firstlab!!
  9. by   bl lvn
    7 more days to go!!
  10. by   TenderWalnut
    TPAPN is the devil!!!!! Long story I have over 6 1/2 years sober and had it basically mandated by the BON. I was under the impression they were here to help recovering addicts, and figured there would be some kind of individual assessment that was realistic. Boy was I wrong. After $2k in start-up fees and required meetings etc etc etc....I have been asked to take numerous steps backward in my recovery not to mention the tremendous amount of additional stress and anxiety in almost every aspect of life you can imagine. The amount of paperwork, monitoring, and accountability might be good for a new addict, but is completely counterproductive and inappropriate for anyone with multiple years of clean time. Honestly, I think if I had it to do all over I would have fought this tooth and nail from the start. Pray you never have to deal with is the worst thing to happen to me.