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Does TPAPN really test for etg? I found Quest's Healthcare Professional Pannel that lists Options 1-6. Some include "urine alcohol" but none specifically say etg. I know there has been a lot of controversy regading the... Read More

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    just FYI: i worked in a clinic where i had to use hand sanitizer- could not carry my own alcohol-free kind, not feasible to wash hands instead. tested several times right after work after using sanitizer many, many times that day & never tested +. only avoided products, OTC meds with any alcohol.

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    Thanks for the info! Sounds like the risk for testing positive is mainly with ingesting alcohol. It's not really feasible for me to use soap and water, either. The soap on my unit is really sticky and takes a long time to wash off. I don't have that kind of time to spend at the sink!
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    I used alcohol hand sanitizers at work all of the time, hairspray, hair coloring, etc. I just stayed away from mouthwash with alcohol and ingesting alcohol. I was tested for alcohol and ETG with every UDS and never had and issue.
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    Good to know! I'm feeling a bit better
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    BTW ive been testing for over 10 months and i am still nervous i will do something incorrectly and screw things up. I think it is a normal fear. So much is riding on completing the program with no problems.
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    i, too, remained apprehensive the whole time- until i could look up that test result & see that all was well. i was 100% clean- so i had no worries there, but i did have a couple of dilutes, which is frowned upon- had to learn how to test & make sure specimens weren't dilute- so i always worried about that.
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    Yes! I actually started a thread about anxiety waiting for test results. I really think that if it wasn't for etg, I would not be worried at all as I wait for results. I don't see how I could be accidentally exposed to anything that would cause a positive result for prescription or illicit drugs. My very first test resulted in a negative/dilute, so I do have to be very careful about that from now on. Did you ever have to do the renal exam for a second dilute? I hope I won't get to that point, but it is always a possibility.......
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    In my state we aren't allowed to see our results.. Talk about nervous. Even though you know your clean its still scary.
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    Wow, I wonder what the rationale is behind that?? What is the harm in seeing your test results?!?
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    Who knows???? It's no fun.

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