The gifts of recovery

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    I found out today that I passed the NCLEX. I am so grateful for what a wonderful-dreamlike life I have today. This amazing dream come true of being a nurse is owed directly to my HP and the twelve steps. Six years ago when I found the rooms of NA if you would have told me that I would eventually grow into a productive member of society with dreams and goals I wouldn't have believed it. I am living proof that "it works if you work it". There are days that I think back to the girl that stumbled into her first meeting and think OMG who was that girl? She was wack. But then again sometimes I look at my life today and think who is THIS girl. Recovery has given me many gifts I am a wife, a freind, a daughter, a sister, a nurse! I jsut wanted to share my good news with you all!

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    Good luck with your future & good job with your past!!
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    Congratulations! Awesome job!
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    Great work and congrats on passing
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    Congrats !!!
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    Many congratulations in beginning to realize your dream and begin to get some of these things that you gave away back.

    As for me? My greatest gift came right before recovery began, but without it, recovery would not have been possible. I will be grateful everyday for the gift of desperation that my HP saw fit to lay on me. Had I not received and recognized that gift, I'd most likely be dead now, now helping others and living a productive life.

    Sober blessings to us all,

    Annie B.

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