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texas nurse having hard time finding job being under tpapn

  1. 0 I recently self reported myself to TPAPN and I have been in the program almost two months. I became addicted to Hydrocodone after a fracturing my leg. Having a hard time finding a job because many places dont want to employ a nurse that is in TPAPN. Anybody know of any places that are TPAPN friendly in the Dallas area?
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    have you tried home health office work.? Im in TPAPN and I work in The QA dept for a home health Monday thru Friday 8-5.don't give up..
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    Try Baylor Healthcare System. Some of the departments there are TPAPN friendly. Also try Davita or Fresenius Dialysis centers.
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    dialysis works because the narc restriction isn't an issue because they don't give any- ever. there have been threads here about places to try that will work- considering your restrictions- you can do a search & find them. you want to think of places that can accomodate your restrictions without it being a great hardship. and places that are known to be difficult to staff- for whatever reason- may be more inclined to work with you, your program. don't give up- there are jobs out there!! best of luck to you!!
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    Baylor Healthcare is no longer TPAPN friendly. I have my own horror story about self-reporting d/t addiction to vicodin, and I can relate many more from others in my nurse support group. Due to the hospitals trying to gain Magnet (maggot) status, they are turning their back on recovering nurses. I recently found out that I can try home health care, as well. Right now, the only hospital that is considering me is a 2hour drive from my home. I'm going to try Davita and Fresenius right now, thanks!
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    I have read post after post of nurses on TPAPN because they smoke marijuana or they had an addiction. My case is different. I got a DWI 4 years ago and once I pass my licensing exam in one year I will be placed on TPAPN. I am not addicted to anything nor have I ever done any recreational drugs. I rarely even drink and I have probably had the total of a six pack in the last year. I don't think it's fair at all that I have to go through this but I understand that the BON is here to provide safety to the community. As if I"m a threat!!! Do I have any options? Does anyone know if the TPAPN restrictions are universal? Are they all 2 years or is it looked at on a case by case basis? Help!
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    if its board ordered ni modo once u sign the agreement your Pretty much TPAPN's property for 2 years.. In my case no dwi no police record.. just refused a drug test and resigned From my job... I wasn't clean to be honest .. but they still screwed me for 2 years... if u have money and if u think u have a strong case go before the board and see what they say? but since it's board ordered I don't know.. if u want to keep ur licensure do what it takes to show them that ur not an addict even though u might not even be one... I had to... been off that program for several months now..
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    Well congrats for completing the program. Were you able to find work during the 6 months of not being able handle meds?
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    thank u, yes I was actually granted permission from my LCDC and my case manager to work 11-7 because there was a RN Supervisor on the floor giving my PRN/scheduled narcotics.. it's rare but they granted me permission .. then I didn't want to work night shift anymore so I applied at a home health doing office work/ quality assurance .. Monday thru Friday 8-5 no narcotics .. I would try that ..
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    Yes I worked in Home Health Marketing and I've thought of that. The thing that mostly bothers me is that I am trying to get a couple years of experience in an acute care setting in order to apply to CRNA programs. This puts a damper on that goal for obvious reasons.

    What about something like cardiac rehab or any nurse rehab job for that matter.