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Hello survivors, recently returned from an outstanding treatment center voluntarily entered for opiate addiction and do not want to handle any narcs for a while(if ever). I am fortunate and grateful that I resigned from the ER... Read More

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    I just got my RN license reinstated after 1 year sus.I cannot find a job anywhere.I dont know if its from rescrictions a nurse or my felony in leiu of prosecuetion.Ive been clen 2.5 years and to tell u the truth ive almost given up saving my license.Everyone looks as if im slime looking for a job.Im not the only nurse in this situation but beleive me ,it sures feels like it to me.
    I just dont know what to do anymore..i miss nursing so badly, and not just the money.just venting

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    Look on craigslist in your area under medical/health jobs. They have lots of opportunities for nurses in drs offices and other places. I work in an outpatient pain surgery center in the OR for people with chronic back injuries/pain and never handle any narcs. We do lots of steroid injections. Found the job on craigslist and it pays better than any nursing job I have ever had and I have been a nurse for about 10yrs....Good Luck and I am proud of you. You deserve Greatness and Happiness.

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