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When I first came to this forum in 2015 I was already done with my monitoring program but was hoping I could add some experience, strength and hope to help others get through this process, There was... Read More

  1. by   catsmeow1972
    I filed the P tests under unreimbursed medical expenses, because well it's medical and not reimbursed. Segueing back to the topic of anger inducing antics (sort of) I used to see where we could access some kind of form to submit for insurance reimbursement. That was a complete joke because it had no Dr's order and no CPT code or diagnosis on it. Even the best insurance company would kick it back and rightfully so. Besides, what they'd be willing to reimburse would probably be no where close to what we have to pay up front. The last time I went looking for that, it had disappeared. I wonder if someone pointed out what a crock that was.
    Given the tax scam of late, I think most medical deductions are going bye bye anyway, and I am undoubtedly going to be a standard deduction type too. I hope my tax guy can cram all this into professional'd be nice....
    It still all circles back to the frustration of non support by the programs and lack of information on very important issues (like taxes) that forces us to resort to the 3rd hand rumors and innuendo, some of which ranges from scary to downright absurd. By the time you are at this a few years, one's absurd-ometer is pretty well tuned, but those folks that are just starting are freaked and scared out of thier minds. It's no wonder there is so much anger and bitterness, even from people who are appropriately on this roller coaster through hades.