Recovery and Monitoring Program in NJ

  1. 0 I was turned into the NJ BON for narcotic diversion and am now in the Recovery and Monitoring Program so I can reactivate my license when they approve of my return to work. I started RAMP in March of 2011 after returning from rehab. It's alot of work and all the rules and regulations can be extremely confusing. I was wondering if anyone else in here is a part of RAMP NJ and has any advice for success. I'm in recovery, going on 90 days clean!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Anyone else just starting RAMP and have any basic questions, I'd be glad to help any way I can. Thanks so much!
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    good luck to you , I've been in ramp since 12/2006 almost done!! it goes very fast as long as you do the right thing and go to your meetings.
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    I was originaly referred to ramp march 2010 for narcotic diversion. I withdrew from the program at that for financial reasons and I was totally overwhelmed. The intake person at the time was rude and gave you very little information but expected you to know everything. I just recently contacted ramp again and I am awaiting my packet with my letter in it. Im nervous but I feel a lot better about it. I have been clean since september. I know s few people who are further along then me and they all say it gets easier and most of them are working. It makes me feel like I have a realistic goal to workand toward. It seems like im going to have a urine drug screen three times a month? Im trying to figure out about how much money I need a month for everything. The intake coordinator said that I don't need to worry about therapy until I've been in the program 90 days and I will get an eval then. Hope you are all doing well and thanks for any advice or information that you might be able to offer.
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    Good luck to you in your newfound sobriety. I'm a NJ Ramp graduate....for me, it was a difficult road at times, but once I got through the shame and embarrasment and learned to take it one day at a time, well I just started to feel something positive. I found that I had to stay away from the negativity that some nurses brought into Ramp meetings so that I could continue to go forward. Keep focusing on the big picture: your sobriety and going back to your career. Don't get caught up in all the's energy wasted. The program prayers will be with you.
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    Just remember: with sobriety, everything is possible; without it, nothing is.

    Wishing you the best in moving forward with your career and your life!
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    I graduated from RAMP early last year (2011). What I learned is sticking with the program and be assertive but don't rattle RAMP's or your group's cages because they may think that you're not compliant! Like most successful graduates do: going under the radar until you're done.
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