Reality of my past is setting in....... Reality of my past is setting in....... | allnurses

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Reality of my past is setting in.......

  1. 0 Here is my situation! 10 years ago i committed a felony, (Not drug related, not a physical crime) Due in part to my drug addiction. In 2009 I admitted myself to a treatment center, and have been clean and sober ever since. (almost 4 years) I petitioned the board of Nursing (Texas) submitted treatment information, and they in turn deemed me fit to go to nursing school. I have recently graduated from school and passed my LPN boards. Part of the stipulations with getting my license is that I have to register with TPAPN. I have already applied for a couple of jobs in the Dallas area, only to be turned down. Either for the criminal history, or for TPAPN. I am wondering if I am even going to find a job. Before you all say, well applying at only a couple of jobs does not equal defeat, i live in San Anotonio and I am relocating to the Dallas area. The true job search will begin in August after im settled in. Can anyone give me any advice as to where to begin? Any AA/NA specific meetings for health care professionals in the Dallas area? I have alot against me , and I know its going to be hard. But I am a fighter, and will not give up. Any advice please??????
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    please do not try and limit yourself to recovery groups for health care practioners.......first there are not that many, and a lot of mature recovery can be experienced in the "regular meetings" you might find LTC area appropriate to adapt with your stipulations, best of sucess to you .
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    Thank you for your reply. I was actually thinking about that particular meeting for networking.. It was just a thought. LTC would be good. I also heard dialysis would be a good place to start I'm just not sure if they hire LPN's
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    just FYI- the dialysis center where i used to work did hire LVN's. best of luck!!
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    Blood banks?