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  1. 1 I have been surfing the internet for a while now looking to see if there are any type of online support groups for nurses and I have had no luck. Does anyone out there know of one? If not does anyone know how to start a online support group.

    I know that there are local meeting in my area, but I am really looking for an extra one that has more nurses in it, so we can all talk to about this and that and have more people who understand what we go through.

    Thanks for reading
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    I do not know of any or have any valuable info to offer ..... however I am interested so if you do find/start one I would be interested in that as well. In other words please pass on the details if you find what your looking for.
    Thank you and good luck
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    #2 0 don't think that his site isn't a support site for nurses?
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    Yes however a site or forum that is only for nurses in recovery would be nice. This would eliminate advice and opinions from nurses that are not dealing with addiction problems of there own.
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    I found a website. Can't say much about it ..... I am just now checking it out
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    This site is awesome. What I am looking for is a site where there is "Live" chat. Guess I should have said that to start with.

    I would just like to be able to have more ways to be able to talk with other's who are going through the same things we are.

    You know when your having a down day and you just need someone to talk to.

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    I find the advice and support from nurses in this forum to be honest, helpful, and with a whole lot of heart, even those who are not recovering.
    I would try the site, see what you think of it, plus the one mentioned above, and you could "aim" or "yahoo chat" if you find someone you connect with.

    Best of everything with your recovery.