Nurses in Recovery do get jobs!!!!

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    Just found out I got a job in my county's correctional facility. I start after January 1st. I had gotten in trouble last April,on Easter. Started to look for work at the end of July. Had been on 11 interviews. Please everyone out there don't get discouraged. I does happen
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    Congrats..I wish you all the best.
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    Thank You. I was ready to give up at the begining of the year. I thank the Lord for getting me this far. With some hard work from me and a loving family.
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    Great going! I wish you you the best and hope you stay healthy and excited about work! what scares me are our colleagues who have substance issues and feel "okay" to practice with them! yikes!
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    Congratulations, I wish you the best in your new work. I am inspired by your positive thinking!
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    There is nothing better than facing a demon and coming out on the other side of the struggle a better person. Congratulations to you, and good luck with the new job!
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    About 2/3 of my classmates (graduated May 2012) have found RN jobs ... and we live in the NYC metro area. So, YES it is possible. You just have to do some creative job searching and networking. Sitting on your ass all day behind a computer sending resumes out to a black hole will not reap quick results.
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    i have 6 six years in recovery and never thought i would have such a rewarding career
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    6 yrs that's awesome Paula.

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