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Today I sit in my living room that is cluttered with boxes. All but the basic essentials are packed. Tomorrow I will walk out the front door for the last time. I'm moving on. I moved to this town two years ago to take an ER... Read More

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    It warms my heart to read all these kind words. Thanks to all of you.

    I moved in yesterday. I have the living room all finished and set up. (I had to get my Christmas tree up first)
    Today I am going to finish unpacking my bedroom stuff and tackle the kitchen and dining room.

    Love to all of you as we continue the journey.
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    Torsades: Best of luck to you & have a very Merry Christmas!!
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    Best of luck in your new home and position.
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    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

    I hate how you loose stuff when you move, and it shows up 5 years later when your looking for something else. It's like the dryer eating your socks
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