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I am so grateful to have found this website and forum. I have been reading the discussions and appreciate all the info given. My daughter who is an RN for 12 years is in an inpatient drug center now for 2 weeks. She turned... Read More

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    Hello! Glad to hear rom you. In the treatment facility where I had my stay, they did broach the subject of halfway houses. I did not go, I was able to go straight home from inpt to home. This is not always the best of advice.

    I have a feeling we were in the same facility - could be wrong. Just a feeling.

    Mama did come visit me every Sat or Sun (the visiting day every week). She did bring Popeyes for my little group _ and we did have some quiet time to talk as well as out family therapy sessions

    When I was d/ced to home, my counselor told me that she would send me home but if I cme back to that facility, she would "see to it that I was in a halfway house for at least 6 months.

    Another RN said that she was at the same facility for inpt, and went to a halfway house - Oct - Nov time, and she was at her house most of the time.

    Just checking on u guys - y'all gave been on my mind a lot. Let your daughter know I have been thinking g of y'all and praying for u and your daughter. Please know I am here if I can do anything. Has she found a sponsor yet??

    Anne, RNC

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    Hi Anne! Had a good visit with my daughter today. She is going to a halfway house for 3 months after her 45 days of inpatient as recommended by her counselors. She will find a sponsor there. I will miss her but will see her when I can. It if further away than her inpatient facility. Then she will come home and do her outpatient. I am so proud of her. She is doing so much better. She is so looking forward to connecting with you and other nurses here. As always, thank you for caring.
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    Hey! SO glad she's doing well. I know it helps her being able to visit with you. Hopefully ya'll will still be able to visit while she's in the halfway house.

    I'm proud that she's doing what she needs to do - it's not always easy, but we are here for both of u.

    Anne, RNC

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