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I am so grateful to have found this website and forum. I have been reading the discussions and appreciate all the info given. My daughter who is an RN for 12 years is in an inpatient drug center now for 2 weeks. She turned... Read More

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    Hey jordanpj - just checking on ya'll and hoping u and your daughter were hanging in there. Please don't hesitate to holler if either of u have any questions.

    Anne, RNC
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    Hi Anne! I went to see my daughter today and she is doing good. She wanted me to ask you how she could get a recovery nurse as a sponsor? Thanks for checking on us!
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    Quote from dottimur
    Al-anon helped me so much as the parent of a child with addiction. I have been going for 11 years and it has changed my life. Congratulations on taking that positive step for yourself. When we change our own behaviors for healthier ones it often has a positive effect on those around us. Good luck.
    Agreed. With so much of the focus trained on the addict, it's easy for family members to forget that they are also affected--and deeply--by a loved one's addiction. They need to take care of themselves as well.
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    Good evening! Hope ya'll had a good visit. By the econd visit, the counelor had us working on our steps and presenting them to our small group. We attended AA meetings in town and my counselor told us to start thinking about finding a temp sponsor. There wa one other nurse in treatment while I was there and she kind of showed me the ropes.

    If your daughter wants to find a sponsor that's a nurse, she can start by looking around at ome of the outside meetings, listen to the others when they speak in the meetings. Some may grab her attention, someone may have something in common with your daughter besides being a nurse - kids, pets, ect. Not sure about her center and their requirements, but at ours, the staff sets aside time when her sponsor can come by the facility and work with her.

    Some times, a sponsor may or may not be a good fit - as long as she is honest. It may not be the first or second peron that may fit her , but she will find someone that is a good fit for her.

    Please let your daughter know I am sending good positive thoughts.
    Anne, RNC
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    Hi Anne! I will give her this info and tell her you are sending positive thoughts. Thanks again for all your help.
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    Just checking on y'all again - hope your daughter is still doing well at treatment. Please let her know I have been thinking of her and hope all is well.

    Hope the legal aspect gets resolved - it sure would be nice if they would just let her be on probation - community service maybe?

    Let me know if she has any questions or if I can help in any way! Look forward to her joining us here at AN.

    Anne, RNC
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    Hi Anne! Saw my daughter today. She will be out of inpatient in two weeks. She is doing well. Yes, hopefully, her legal matters will work out with her being on probation. Truly appreciate your checking on her. She is going to connect on here as soon as she can. Thanks for helping us! God bless
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    Awesome!i'm glad things are going well for her. Look forward to getting to meet her here at AN. She has a great mom for trying to do whatever you can for her.

    I hated telling my mom - got that disappointing look- I felt horrible about what I had done, but telling her and my dad was worse than calling the BON, worse than getting fired, as bad as sitting at home waiting for a spot at rehab. She learned a lot going to Alanon too, so that helped.

    Has the facility said anything about a halfway house post inpatient? Hopefully she can just return home instead.

    Anne, RNC

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    Hi Anne! I know how important it is to have your family's support during recovery. My daughter kept her addiction a secret for many years. She probably would not have told anyone until she got arrested. I was shocked when she told me. It's scary to hear that your child is a drug addict. Mostly, I was sad that she could not reach out to anyone and had to keep her secret for so long. She knows she did wrong and want to be in recovery. When she asked for help, I got her into rehab and got her an attorney. I am going to support her yet I will not enable her. It is her addiction and her recovery. She knows she has to do the work and it is a forever journey in recovery. Alanon is helping me so much in my journey with my daughter's addiction. My daughter has shared with me how ashamed she is and how much she hates what she has done to herself and her family. I think the hardest part for an addict is to forgive themselves. You live with this everyday. God forgives. I forgive my daughter. I pray everyday that she can forgive herself and take her recovery one day at a time.

    Did you go to a halfway house? I don't know yet if she will go to one yet. They did mention it.

    Thank you, Anne, for helping us.
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    your daughter is very fortunate to have you- it really helps to have someone close to you who will give you support & encouragement. &you definitely are on the right track yourself! best of luck to you both. when she is able to, she will find lots of support here.

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