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is anyone else having trouble with the "power freaks" at IPN ?? first the "addiction specialist" i'm sent to has someone else's case in front of him... or the case manager sent the wrong papers. when i confront them with it...i... Read More

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    Wellthank you for responding. IPN stands for Intervention Project for Nurses. Yea we all have five year contracts, and even if you were arrested for DUI then you have a narc restrictions for one year. What happen to me is not too different from what happen to you. I had to go to rehab and spend lots and lots and lots of money to keep my licence from the board. The job that I had when I was "caught" told me they would hire me back. Yea Right. Then I looked for a job and went to work in a nursing home. Worked there for 8 months and the nurse passing my narcs hated me and wanted me fired and tried everything she could to get me fired, she finally got what she wanted, they found some pills in my purse I never saw any nor did I have any they were not narc pills they were reglan, yea thats right she set me up. Well after that, I had to have another evaluation 450 dollar worth. Then IPN restarted my narc restrictions, and I can only work days or 3-11. That was in Nov been looking for job ever since. Had over 10 interviews and all say the same thing no because of the IPN. The narc restrictions is the worst. There have been times when I just want to say F it but what do you do then, I have 3 kids and bills just like everyone else. It has been a nightmare, I also have to go to meetings, which I pay 40 a month to go to. We have once a month UDS which are 42 per month, you call this number for your color.
    The meeting is a joke, they dont help you at all. So my advise to you is dont come to Florida. Hang in there. You could have a 5 year contract.
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    BTW, for the poster who thought it illogical to allow Concerta but ban ritalin....

    Ritalin comes in tablet form and can be crushed and snorted for a high. Concerta is tamper-proof and will deliver a therapeutic range throughout a 24 hr perior. Make sense?
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    The mission of IPN is to ensure public health and safety by providing an avenue for swift intervention/close monitoring and advocacy of nurses whose practice may be impaired due to the use, misuse, or abuse of alcohol or drugs, or a mental and/or physical condition. IPN is authorized by Florida Statute, Chapter 464/455, to assist those nurses whose practice is affected. I am grateful to have a program that allows me to continue practicing nursing. In the past, the board just took your license away. I am an IPN nurse working full time. Most employers have an issue with the narc restriction, once you get that lifted (usually a year as long as you dont mess up) and can be open and honest in an interview you are more likely to find employment. A positive attitude and honesty go a long way, i was hired because of my ability to honestly discuss my recovery and its positive impact on my life and my ability to be a good employee. Try a different approach and maybe get different results. Hang in there. I understand your frustration, but acceptance is really the key, the only alternative is really just to give up. IPN pretty much has us by the balls so work with the system is my best suggestion. and no,,,you cannot work impaired by any substance, they dont tell you that you cant take prescribed meds, just that you cannot work in nursing under the influence of them.
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    Well after reading your post this is the trouble im in...I worked in a long term care facility that wasnt the best place to work because things always came up missing...On a friday night in october (dress down day) i was doing my med pass after having an admission so i was behind a bit. A lady recieves xanax 0.5mg crushed. I pulled it went into the room but the patient was in the room recieving care. I was in a rush so i moved on put it inside the silent night crush bag and stapled it. Instead of putting it into my cart i put it into my pocket with all my other pens and alcohol pads and would return back to the lady later. I was in a rush i wrote on the mars circled it and worte reason why it was being late and put resident recieving cna care will administer when done. but i forgot gave report to nurse and moved on...1 week later i went to an amusement park with the same jeans i wore that work night and basically emptied my pocket when the metal detector went off...and thus the pill came out.. the police searched my wallet noticed my license as lpn and arrested me stating lpn do not administer narcotics and that i bought it from some street....(the pill was still stapled and in the silent night crush bag) Currently i hired an attorney and the state of nursing is aware but realize it was a mistake and would not do anything until the legal issue is resolved. My attorney recommended pre trial diversion which is just random drug screening and paying a mthly fee and once done all charges will be droped...i had to get a drug evaul from a center and i got a letter stating i do not need any form of treatment....i just recieved a call a few days ago stating from that center that since im a nurse they now wanna treat me and state that i should report my self to ipn and voluntary join them... i dont want to i never tested positive in anything and i never done any form of drugs... what should i do i got no clue...im about to tell my lawyer to cancel the pre trial diversion and go straight to court because if im forced to do ipn program i wanna be found guilty in the state of fl and under fellow peers before i have to do it....am i wrong for thinking this and wth can i do
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    Here is my story, on Feb 4th I was taken down stairs for drug screen due to high number of narcs given and 2 waste on morphine not given in Jan. for 3 weeks in Jan I had 4-5 sickle cell pts a day. My urine screen done there was negaative. After having argument with charge nurse on feb 9th i quit. Went and got another job, that pre employment drug screen was negative. was notified one day before i was to start new job that i had positive drug test for thc and had to contact ipn. I did so same day. In the meantime I lost new job, stated they couldn't wait. Ipn told me 4-6 weeks and i would probably be back to work. well after hundreds of dollars and evaluation with their md i'm still waiting for the contract so i can look for a job, by the way both hair and urine drug screens were negative for anything. I thought i could clear myself with IPN there is no such thing as clearing yourself. I haven't ever used any drugs and after 13 years of nursing i regret ever becoming a nurse. Any suggestions? fla bon are nazis
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    I have an update, I now have a 2 yr.contract with 6 month narc. restriction and had to take a class on documentation. My hair sample and urine sample were clean. I thought I could clear my name and get on with my life, not. There is no way to clear yourself, I am innocent, I don't have to have any treatments and I am not required to attend any meetings , however, finding a job now is impossible I haven't worked in 4 months and am facing loosing my vehicle and being evicted none of this matters to ipn. I call the 800 number religiously daily to see if I need to go give a specimen, couldn't afford drugs if I wanted too can't afford groceries. Please someone give me some advice.
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    I too am in Tallahassee and believe IPN to be nazis. I am innocent see my post I do have a pending job with prison system, but this IPN crap is killing me. Have to go today for second drug screen in 15 days *** they don't care if you can't afford groceries or pay rent just show up for drug screen and for me it looks like every 2 weeks
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    Don't forget, IPN is VOLUNTARY. You do NOT have to sign a contract with them and you can take your case before the BON.
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    Yes you could go before the bon however that would be possibly a year later because ipn has to clear you to work i am divorced and live alone so i need to work asap. I don't have another year to wait. Thanks any way
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    Seems to me the BON uses the IPN program to discourage nurses from bringing their cases before the BON. Considerations include attorney's fees, and possible responsibility for state fees as well. So where finances are concerned, it seems many nurses turn to IPN as a last resort to keep their license.

    Just curious to know how hard it is for nurses in IPN to balance work, IPN requirements, additional costs incurred (and what those costs might be), or how difficult it is to get employment after completing IPN contract. How hard is it, and is it even worth it in the end?

    And are there other states with better solutions to these issues?
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