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In July of 2009, I turned myself into the Peer program. Not as noble as it sounds, as I knew I was going to be reported for working while impaired (which ultimately was showing in my work). I valued my career even more than... Read More

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    Congratulations for completing the program! I wish you continued success in your recovery.

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    that's great news!! I will god willing complete TPAPN in 7days!! like u said the end is just the beginning ... I can not wait to stop wasting money on drug tests! efff that!! I'm going back to school!!
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    Congrats and keep the faith!
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    How long did tpapn make u wait before you could get a job
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    [QUOTE=Jenjen4u;6615672]How long did tpapn make u wait before you could get a job[/jenQUOTE]jen- towards the end of my outpatient treatment program, when my therapist deemed i was ready to start looking for a job, she sent a letter stating this to TPAPN & she helped me begin the search. best of luck!!
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    this will be my last post.....it's been 2months since I successfully completed tpapn.. honestly my life has changed for the better .. there are rare moments when i wake up at 4am to log into recovery trek to see if I got selected for a random.. what a waste of money!! in the 2 years I was in tpapn I estimated about 4,000 dollars for drug testing.. I could of used that money for something else like my house my son or my car or to go back to school.. oh well It was a lesson learned.. today I'm grateful for everything and everyone in my life today.. just really happy it's all over.. I wish everybody in tpapn the best of luck...
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    bl lvn: best of luck as you continue your trek of recovery & your life!!
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    i am on my first year of my probation and i am beginning my pre reqs in Sept...do u think i will have a problem with my LPN license situation?? did u have to wait till urs was up to start school, or did u just decide???
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    Congrats, I hope I also will one day be able to say I made it through. Thank you for posting this as we all need reminding where we were where we are and where we are going.
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    one day you will... and when that day comes you will be grateful that it's over. the end is just the beginning. I wish you the best.

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