I have so many qualms

  1. So, I've been cleand for 27 months and I have been working fo14 months. My license is unrestricted, I have two jobs andI'm continuing to work an honest progra; however, d/t family and spouse I want to move back to pennsylvania. I'm unsure what to expect from tge DMU program. They haven't told me clean cut information to actually sign thi contract.

    The NCBON is fully aware of me wanting to move; in fact my coordinator has sent them everything such as evals, letter for instructed license etc, though readings his ambuguous contract, it appears I'm starting everything over. This is making me second guess my unitial decision to transfer.it appears I'm going to have to leave two jobs to settle for broke while in job hunting.

    So many qualms, sigh
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  3. by   Austin12
    Excuse my errors, I'm typing from my phone
  4. by   HunnieBadger
    If youre half way thought the NCBON program i say stick it out! You do risk starting all of with a new program, and that would just stink!
  5. by   MichelleRN34
    I agree with hunniebader ..I think I would finish my current program and ne reinstated fully before making any move.
  6. by   nowim clean
    also if you just make the 3 year program you are done free and have your NC multistate license in tact. Think wisely and best of luck.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    If at all possible, I'd finish this program in NC, so you'd be able to relocate to PA in the free and clear.

    Good luck whatever you decide!
  8. by   wish_me_luck
    Agree with other posters. However, that being said, I have seen some people move after completing one state's program and have to enter into the new state's program.
  9. by   celesteanne
    Really? That's interesting and rather disappointing. In the program I am in it is my understanding that when I have completed my contract my license will be free and clear. There will be no references to the fact that I have ever been on contract with state BoN. We were told that our records would be completely expunged and we would never have to state on a job application that our licenses had ever been restricted. It would be grossly unfair to ask someone who is halfway finished to start over from the beginning in a new state.

    I do know that each state has their own rules and contracts and they often are quite different from one another. For example: I live in a state that treats people in the program very well and we are not required to call in on weekends or holidays. The state to the south of me requires a call in every day, including weekends and holidays, even though a UA would only be required on weekdays. And the state to the east of me does not have a program at all. It is a rural state and they do allow their nurses to join a program in a nearby state if they are close enough to make it work for them. But it would require driving out of state for the peer group meetings.

    If you were going to be required to put in additional time, I would probably choose to not move until you are finished. That way it won't feel like you have wasted all that time and energy, as well as the money on UAs.
  10. by   Umberlee
    I considered moving right at the onset of my contract because the black mark against my reputation locally was incredibly hard for me to bear at the time. My contract here is four years, but in PA where we would have gone apparently three years is the standard. So it seemed a benefit at the time to possibly have a whole year shaved off. However each time I tried to get ahold of someone in PA to discuss transferring and program specifics I was completely blown off. Same happened when I explored the monitoring program in Montana when a move there looked possible. I get so sick of being disregarded by case-managers as my manager here is pretty flaky too. I finally decided to just suck it up and stay here through the four years rather than deal with transferring. However, I still dream of starting over somewhere completely new when I have put all this behind me and when I've worked enough places to bump the place that fired me off the top of my resume. I'd throw my hat in the "stick it out" camp. Bit by bit by bit this will all pass by. No sense in putting all the time behind you in jeopardy.