I don't think I want to be a nurse anymore.

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    I have been an LPN for over 19 years. This past January I admitted to diverting narcotics and the BON agreed to a suspended license instead of revocation. Stipulation being I have to participate in TnPap. I have 180 days from when the order was signed to get started with TnPap. Being clean is not a problem. I have been clean since May 2012. Even had to take narcotics after horrible dental work with dry sockets but was so happy that I didn't have those old cravings and all. I abused for right at 3 months total. ANYWAY...enough back story. I do not know if I want to be a nurse anymore. I know I was kind of burned out anyway before this happened but I am really leaning towards putting my experience and education into going to school for medical transcription/coding, something that is more paperwork related. My fear is, I do not completely understand the Affordable care act and the OIG list and so forth. If I surrender my license without going through the TnPap (and the cost of monitoring is an issue) will I be placed on the list where I can't work in any facility that accepts federal funds? I am looking for input on ideas of what to do. There is so much cost involved in the monitoring to keep my license and then the ordeal of trying to find a job that will hire me that falls in line with the TnPap guidelines. At this point, I am okay with not being a nurse anymore but I do not want to shoot myself in the foot from working in another area.
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    Wow. To be quite honest with you, you are still lucky to have your license suspended and not be revoked. Maybe you should speak with family and friends, and possibly even professional help to see if this is the career for you. Weigh and consider your options. I'm sorry that I am not able to offer you better advice, but I do wish you all of the best of luck!
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    Oh please don't get me wrong, I am not unhappy with being suspended. I am thankful it wasn't revoked because I would have even less options. What I did was wrong, plain and simple.
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    I'm in Tennessee, too, and I find quite a few jobs on Indeed.com for coding, review and insurance; mostly I look for LPN stuff but the searches always show RN jobs as well... I can't imagine anyone choosing to NOT hire a nurse with a drug-smudge on her license for clerical nursing work!

    I'm sorry I can't address your real question of whether it's worth it to pay them to incessantly isspay estay you (if you get my meaning). Just remember there's a whole world of nursing out there outside clinical environments (most of which do not accept fed funds, if that is actually an issue).

    Good luck to ya

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    From what I am understanding in certain situations you are placed on the OIG list. If you are on that list, you can not even work as a janitor in a facility that receives Medicare/Medicaid or any other federal based payments due to specifications of the Affordable care act. I am online now trying to research more into reasons you can be placed on the list. I don't know that if I go from a suspended license to surrendering my license and not completing the TnPap and so forth. From what I am seeing it is criminal based and I didn't have charges. I didn't know if someone on here might have more knowledge of how that works.
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    I am really sorry if I may have come off a bit harsh. I agree with the previous poster as well... Don't be discouraged at all. There are many, many opportunities outside the world of bedside nursing. Don't give up!
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    Good morning,

    I just joined this sight and this is my very first post. First of all, a virtual hug goes out to you. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this. We all make mistakes and I'm hoping you'll follow your heart and do what is right for you. My first inclination is to tell you to stick with the program. What does it entail? Will it be extremely difficult to do it? I'm an RN looking for a job in Alabama, as I just moved him from TN, and I see so many jobs posted for LPN's, like in doctor's offices and clinics. I would like to do that but many entities such as those do not want to pay RN wages when they can pay an LPN to do the same work. I would say, if you can, do the program they want you to do, and then decide if you want to get out. I served as a preceptor to new nurses and my advice to them was to never burn their bridges when moving on to something else. Leave that door open so you could go back if you decided you liked being a nurse better than a medical coder, or whatever.

    By the way, though I've been an RN for 30 years, I respect LPNs so much--a lot of what I learned over the years I owe to LPNs.
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    My early morning grammar is terrible--it should read "site" instead of "sight" and a few other typos are in there as well.
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    The BoN can put you on the OIG list with or without criminal charges. They look at it as a services to the public by banning you from places that accept Medicare/Medicaid. There is also another list, cant recall the name but it too bans you from things as a health care provider in ANY role. My advice is take care of your current problem and once you're free from that then decide if you still want to be a nurse or not. Right now isn't the time to make such a huge choice! Best of luck to you.
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    I went back to school part-time when I was 48 years old to be a nurse. My intention was to work in a university hospital near us so my kids could get half tuition and I would have a well paying job for the next 20 years. Now a BSN is required to work in hospitals. So I thought I would work in a doctor's office. Now I am hearing that the Medical Assistants have taken most of those jobs and there are only 1-2 nurses per office. I considered being an LPN in an office, but the medical assistants took all those jobs too. And I know I do not want to work in a LTC facility. I love children, but do not like working with the elderly. I experienced it as an STNA in clinicals and a home care co. I work part-time for. I am so disappointed that all the hype of being a nurse has now died down and all I hear is you can't get a job if you are just an ADN. I'm 50 years old and feel like I have wasted two years taking classes and don't know what to do. Pursue x- ray technology? Respiratory therapist, surgical technician, or just start over with medical assistant classes? There are lots of jobs in that field now. I really wanted to just work part-time in the medical field until I am retirement age making half-way decent money.
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