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obviously no one is going to hire a nurse in IPN with a 5 year contract and with a criminal background. it's just not going to happen. I've only been in IPN for 6 months, but the financial toil and the degradation of being a... Read More

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    Have y'all called directors directly? They maybe able to get you to go through hr. instead of HR deciding who will and will not be interviewing for positions. Good luck friends
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    sounds like a good idea. I wonder if it would be ok to mail them a copy of my resume too......
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    Virgojd, I have decided to leave nursing. Moving from CA to FL, to CA again has caused license suspensions in both places. What I would have to go through to get my license back here in CA would be a big financial hit. Add to that being away from the bedside for almost 7 years, all my experience in L&D (where I wouldn't be hired with a narc restriction) and the nursing glut here (50% of new grads can't find jobs), it became clear to me that my nursing years had ended. I have decided to go back to school and go into addictions counseling. I am 54 now, but with a husband 11 years older than me, I have to face facts that I made need to support myself at some point. Out here I can't even get a job at McDonalds! For every receptionist job, etc, there are 400 applicants I've been told. I even paid to have my resume 'dumbed down". Still didn't do any good. As soon as they see I was a nurse, they don't think I would be happy doing anything else, and don't understand why I would want to change. Only so much you can put in a cover letter and going into much just doesn't get read.
    I wish you the best of luck and know that sometimes leaving nursing isn't such a bad thing.
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    thanks so much for responding Lisa and sharing your story. so funny, I was telling my sister yesterday that I thought I may go back to school for a psychology degree and go into substance abuse counseling. I think that may be my path too. before I reported to the board, I had already submitted my app to our local university here and had all my transcripts transferred and was accepted. had student loans ready to apply. I decided to try and keep my license so I wouldn't have any regrets later on. but, I am beginning to think it's a lost cause. we are so behind the 8 ball with our stipulations, criminal backgrounds, etc. like you said, so many people are out there applying for these nursing jobs that don't have the baggage we have. so, it's looking more and more feasible to go back to school. plus, I think I need the distraction and the boost in self confidence that it would give me. thanks again for the encouragement and I pray you have success and peace!
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    It's a very tough market for even the "cream of the crop" to get hired into. So that mean the chances for the rest of us aren't too hot either.

    I keep suggesting this because there's something to it...look into psych as it's one of the more recovery-friendly specialties. And there are areas of psych with little to no access to controlled substances. But before you do that, make sure you have a good handle on your own recovery. I'd say wait until you have at least one year under your belt...but you need to decide what is best for you and your recovery.

    Keep putting your sobriety first; the rest will fall into place. Wish I could tell you that it'd all fall into place tomorrow...but we know I can't :/
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    Sending you positive light.
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    You have my sympathies, virgojd! I don't have any DUIs or a criminal record, but that was only through the grace of God......I'm a recovering alcoholic (21 yrs. sobriety) and diagnosed bipolar who's also 54 and finding it nearly impossible to find steady work. I'm employed on a very part-time basis in a SNF as an admissions/QA nurse, which is fine because I couldn't handle a 40-hour week now if my life depended on it. But I do need at least 24 hours/week, and I've been contemplating leaving nursing for a while because being in management burned me out and I can't take the fast pace or the constant interruptions of direct patient care.

    Trouble is, I can't figure out what else I'd rather do, so I just stay with my on-call job and hope for the best. I'll be 55 in January and then I can qualify for help finding another line of work, but if I can, I'd just as soon stay with what I know, even though I'm very limited in what I can do in this field.

    You may want to look into your nearest Vocational Rehab agency for this assistance. You don't have to be 55 to be eligible, but they'll have additional programs for you when you get there. They work exclusively with people who have disabilities of one kind or another; I don't know if your ETOH history qualifies you as having a disability, but alcoholism is a DSM diagnosis and certainly has affected your life in a significant way, so it's worth checking into.

    Whatever you do, though, just DON'T DRINK---if you don't have your sobriety, you've got nothing. Best of luck to you.
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    thanks Meriwhen, vivalasviejas and elprup for responding and the encouragement. I have a 5 year contract with no narc key restriction. my stipulations are no working for hospice, agency or over 40 hrs a week. I think psych is also a no no. i'll have to check.
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    Quote from virgojd
    obviously no one is going to hire a nurse in IPN with a 5 year contract and with a criminal background. it's just not going to happen. I've only been in IPN for 6 months, but the financial toil and the degradation of being a failure with a criminal background is too much to bear. I am wasting my time, what little money I make working minimum wage and the small amount of dignity I have left. this November will be 5 years since I worked as a nurse, so I'm sure I'll be told I need to do refresher course which costs money and needless to say, what hospital is going to let me do clinicals with a criminal past. it seems every where I turn another door is slammed in my face. i'm 54 yo and may as well say bye to my nursing career. I had a good run and was a great nurse. I never diverted/ stole from my patients or employers. My problem was self medicating for depression and receiving dui's. hell, no one is going to hire me......

    i have no idea what i'm going to do. hopefully Mcdonald's may hire me. i hate my life.
    virgojd, I for one know you still have something to offer as a nurse. when I first started as a brand new rn which was not very long ago, I was sort of mentored by a nurse that had went through the recovery program. he has since moved across country but the time and knowledge he shared me reflects in what I do everyday as a nurse. I thank god that he took the time for my many questions and his assistance with all the different issues that new nurses have. but he didn't stop there, as I progressed into a more competent nurse and his time in our er was growing slim he shared his stories about his personnel struggles and demons which I think about everyday. now, I have reached a certain level of rank in my er where I am placed in charge of new nurses that come to be employed here, and I find myself telling his stories and trying to give the same helping nudge that he gave me on many occasions in the past.
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    thanks for sharing that z71rn! I just got an email from a friend who is going thru the same thing I am only he is 3 years ahead of me in the program. he just found a job!! he has a couple of dui's on his background. I have a flicker of hope! thanks so much for the encouragement. just got to get out of this funk i'm in. I love this site because of nurses such as yourself who take the time to help another nurse who is struggling instead of making them feel even more worthless. <3
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