Hi, I'm Rascal1 and I'm a grateful,recovering alcoholic.

  1. Hi , I'm so thrilled , I found this website for nurse's, not to mention, this recovery forum !! :redpinkhe The support I read from the brilliant,loving people here is amazing. I'll have six months sober on Jan. 5 th, God willing ... For me,that is a MIRACLE in and of itself. After two detoxs and rehabs. I have STRUGGLED to scrape together a month of sober time. My GRATITUDE is ever abundunt for my new lease on my life. MY case is proving you're never to old to learn new tricks or better, new TOOLS !! I'll be needing some return to work advice soon and hope you'll be there for me....:redpinkhe
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  3. by   nurseboudin
    You are definitely in the right place. I too am a recovering alcoholic. You are in great company here. I have found this site so supportive and encouraging. Congratulations on your six months. Life only gets better with good recovery.
  4. by   Magsulfate
    Congratulations on your recovery. It's wonderful isn't it? To see everything so clearly? Yes, there are nurses out here that have the same problems and suffer the same as you. There is awesome support here. I love it. Stay strong
  5. by   chiefshewho
    I can identify with your sobriety. I will also have 6 months this month. Congrats! I would not know what to think without this site. It has been great. I know no one outside of this site that is a nurse in recovery, so it has given me many blessings.