First interview since being reinstated!

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    I'm in need of pointers and how I should present myself in this interview tomorrow! It's a private practice so I'll be meeting with the doctor who will be the one who decides. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sell your strong points and be very open about your whole story include your sobriety date meetings you go to and how far into the aftercare rehab you are.
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    Be honest and accept responsibility for your past. Show your humble side and make eye contact. Be confident. Best of luck!
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    Be honest, sell your skills and think before you speak...I always state that my situation has not only made me a better nurse but a better person. I have realized that nurse is not just occupation or privilege, it is a lifestyle. Thus, I have learned to conduct myself appropriately. That's two learning and selling points.
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    I did okay I think, not sure how they felt about me but they were very kind. Now I wait and see...
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    So I did we'll and they wanted to offer me employment BUT due to my restrictions of needing a supervisor for the first year they can't work with it. Back to the drawing board...

    But at least I had my first interview!
  9. 0'll be good. Just keep applying. All you need is one person is to say yes. Good Luck
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    Thank you all for your advice and support! I know it will all come together in time
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    Fingers crossed, I've got my second interview already! Prayers please!
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    Thinking of you