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My license is suspended and I call into First Lab daily for random screening. I recently showed up positive for alcohol. Not that I have to convince anyone, but I have not consumed any alcohol in... Read More

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    Quote from murseb
    I recently lost a nursing job due to cut backs and reorganzation of the schedule. Being stressed out due to no work, a new child, and accumulating bills my Ulcerative Colitis flared up badly. Normally if i was working i wouldnt do this because of the random testing; but i used some MJ to help relieve my symptoms (dont care what some of u might think, it does help with abd. pain, N&V, lowers anxiety, helps with BMs).
    It doesn't matter what any of us think about the medicinal use of MJ. In most (not all, I know) states the use of MJ for any reason is illegal. That fact alone means the use of it, whether for medicinal reasons or "recreational" reasons, the BON will become involved when they receive a report or complaint. If it's verified through drug testing or the individual admits to using, then there has been a violation of the Nurse Practice Act and some sort of action will be taken. With the internet and Nursys, any action on a nurses license is discoverable. As many folks are discovering the hard way, this invariably leads to some sort of action in addictional states if/when you apply for licensure. It sucks, but it's a reality.

    My point to this post is i went to apply for a new job and they gave me a preemployment drug screen on the spot at the first interview. I really didnt even want this job as i had another one in mind all ready. But thinking i may have wanted this one for PRN or a backup plan, i submitted my urine for the test. It was 2 weeks prior that i used the MJ and of course my luck there were traces of THC found in my urine. It was a mistake on my part i know, but im not a routine user so thought nothing of it at the time. Well i didnt get that job, but even worse they submitted those results to Ohio Board of Nursing. Now they sent me a letter questioning this positive drug screen and want me to complete this narrative paper explaining what happened. Just dont get it though, i went for the next job preemployment approx a week later and i passed the drug screen and got the job. Additionally my RN school gave all the students a mouth swab at the start of term in January and i passed that as well. Im really worried whether i will lose my license over this even though it was a one time usage. I dont plan on using it again because i do want to succeed as a nurse and its more important to me.
    As exnursie has already recommended, you need to at least consult with a lawyer who practices administrative law and experienced dealing with the Ohio BON. Do not speak with investigators or provide any written statement until you consult with an attorney. This is not like criminal law where they have to read you your rights and provide an attorney if you can't afford one. AND, anything you say can and probably will be shared with law enforcement. Yes, it's going to cost money for the consult. I'm unaware of any pro bono license defense attorneys. If you have your own professional liability insurance, they may provide you with an attorney, unless they have some sort of clause that states they will not defend you against the use of illegal drugs.

    Contact The American Association of Nurse Attorneys or the Ohio Nurses Association for names of attorneys.

    Let us know how you're doing as this case progresses.

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    .....Gee I wish that Jack could be a little more specific and elaborate just a little bit.....

    Hey Mark, let me know what's confusing or "unclear", I'll be glad to elaborate! I'm trying to keep my responses to three or four pages when possible.

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    Thanks Mark for letting me know the Ohio Nurses Association link was incorrect. Here's the right one.

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    What about cough syrups? Mouth wash? They should be able to break it down and find out. I am scared to eat pasta salad because of the Salad Supreme ingredient has poppy seeds!!
    Let me know if you find out!
    Good Luck!!
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    yeahhhh Jack is such a know it all.

    Quote from jackstem
    HAH! There are those in this community who would (and have) disagree with you on my "knowledge". But what the can't please everyone. My guess is you are an excellent resource and role model for your community. (Local community? Work community? ) The way I see it, we could be bitter about the twists and turns of our lives, or we can use those twists and turns to help others following behind us. Sharing our experience, strength, and hope are what our time on this rock in space is for, isn't it?

    Prayers for everyone in this community and all the other communities out there!

    Let's make 2010 one of the best years in recovery!

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    I would explain exactly what you just posted here. Make sure you include the info about the two negative results. But first I would get a lawyer ASAP before I submitted or signed anything. Have an attorney review everything. Jack S. is very familiar with the Ohio BON and it's regulations. He works with an attorney who deals with RN licensing issues in Ohio. I would contact him ASAP, before I did anything!
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    has anyone had to do an exit interview from Nursing recovery program in Louisiana? What should I expect?
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    who's the wise-a** who asked jack to elabortate?
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    and, BTW..I know a diabetic peer RN in our program who is diabetic. She occasionally has alcohol in urine. So after that mess, they ordered her to do a breathalizer at the time of providing her expense.

    Our peer does not do EtG. As far as I know, they actually moved to have it removed from the body fluid tesing protocal years ago.
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    I am in the same sort of situation in west virginia, i would rather smoke a little weed than pop a perc and get addictied to oxy, i was in a serious car accident and have metal throughout my pelvic area and severe arthtitis, now i am freaking out thinking im going to loose my license and i would never go to work high!!!! anyone know what happens in WV
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    Just needed to add that if you are diabetic, the sugar in your urine can produce alcohol through fermintation if they were too slow running your lab. It can happen for non-dm reasons if you are spilling sugar into your urine.

    PLUS, contact a lawyer and don't depend on allnurses for a matter this important, SEEK LEGAL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I don't believe the state of WV has an alternative/monitoring just goes directly to the state BON.

    It's your decision to smoke and risk having to be tested. THC as you know stays in for a long time. And if they test your hair, it would give a pretty good profile of how long you have been using.

    I am also metal from the waist down...both hips and knees...and in chronic pain....and have had my own I just deal with it with NSAIDS....not great but it's all I can do at this point in time.
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    Anyone who smokes pot with a license is insane. The BON does not differentiate between smoking "a little weed" and shooting heroin. It is all the same to addict, is an addict, is an addict..that goes for ETOH too. Find a better way to deal with your pain..if not..there is about 6 hours of reading posts on this forum from folks like us who thought just a little "..." (fill in the blank)..wont hurt. We have hurt ourselves, our families and friends, and our careers with just this kind of thinking. Wise up now and save yourself a world a grief and pain that will surpass anything you have experienced before.