DUI reporting and IPN help!!!

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    I need someones help really bad and quick. I work as an RN in Florida in the ER and as of last week was convicted of a DUI Misdemeanor that I receive in August of 11. I have heard numerous things about reporting to the BON and to my Hospital before they find out and fire me things like that. Nothing that I read seems to point in one right direction as far as reporting and getting in the IPN or what to do first. What I am wondering is if anyone out there is or has been in my situation and can give me some advise that would be awesome. What do I do? Thank you for reading my post and any info would be greatly appriciated

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    Dear 10pat, I would advise you to retain an attorney who specializes in this field in your state where you live and work ,assuming thats where the accident happened. I would not recommend self reporting anything to a board or employer until you have spoken to an attorney. Also we cant give legal advise out on this forum, however there are plenty of threads on here re DUIS, and the legal ramifications. I too am dealing with it in PA. Also, I dont know from your post if you have an addiction to alcohol or substances but if you think its a problem I would strongly recommend AA or NA and go from there .Good luck and stay safe keep us informed on your journey.
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    Hate to give you bad news, but I was under the impression that in FL you have 5 DAYS to report ARRESTS. You are way out of date if so and are gonna be given a hard time when you report to the board.
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    DUI and Nursing just don't go together. DUI and anyone in the medical field is career suicide. I would question your judgement as an employer & so will the BON.
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    i'm no lawyer (nor should my advice replace one), but as far as criminal records go, it's better for you to report duis/convictions than waiting for them to find out about it. that doesn't mean self-reporting will save your job or leave your license unscathed though. i would engage a lawyer who specializes in this, especially when dealing with the bon. the bon is not your friend--they care about protecting the public first and foremost, and the nurse's interests come second, if they're even considered at all.

    only you can determine if your drinking is a problem...but the fact that you got a dui does suggest that your have some issues with your alcohol use. if you do think you have a drinking/drug problem, seek help asap--don't wait to get into ipn or for the bon to drop the bomb on you. talk to your doctor about what you can do about your addiction. also, check out aa or na (or both).

    best of luck getting this sorted out.
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    There was no accident involved they pulled mo over doing 45 in a 35 outside of a 45 zone and unfortunately I had made a horrible decision that night to drive instead of letting the girl I was with drive.
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    everyone i've talked to says, "tell 'em" or there'll be trouble. One DUI can happen to anyone. It's not like you killed a bus full of nuns.
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    Oh yeah, one DUI can happen to anyone...anyone that gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence. It isn't something that "just" happens.
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    I reported mine then obtained a nurse attorney to go to the board with me. The board said "dismissed, RN license cleared and thank you for the disclosure". However, the advice of my attorney was to get a psychologist/substance abuse counselor to deem me unimpaired a week before I went before the board. So I went to a psychologist for abuse counseling ordered by the court in 2008 and again in 2012. The board was truly nice to me. However, my nurse attorney from Indiana Protection Association was the key to my success. Big suggestion "do not go in front of the board without an attorney".
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    Dear RN_2012,
    First off, my opinion to your response to 10pat seemed a bit harsh as 1 in 3 people in the us have addictions to alcohol or drugs. Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases just as well as any other kind of progressive debilitating disease. Alcohol and drug addiction happen to anybody including health professionals in the " medical field". Some of our best Drs, nurses, and counselors are recovering alcoholics and/ or drug addicts. (Especially if working in the field of addiction.) Sounds as if you have no knowledge regarding the disease of addiction. Just an observation.
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