diprivan abuse

  1. 0 anyone struggle with this personally or know someone who has? Id love to hear your story.
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    I had to use Google to translate that, to figure out that you're talking about Propofol

    No personal experience with it, nor do I know anyone who has been addicted to it. Most of the addicts I know have issues with the more readily accessible drugs such as ETOH, benzos and PO narcotics.

    I also haven't seen it in any of my patients...yet. I'm sure I will some day.
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    This is the same drug that killed Michael Jackson.
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    I have seen it with a surgery tech who died after injecting a little too much in the locker room of the OR.
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    A CRNA in treatment with me, his DOC was diprovan. Relapsed on it three times.
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    A common drug of abuse in anesthesia. Very, very dangerous- death is often the first clue.

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