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  1. iluvhrts

    IPN and LIFE

    We are tested so many times a year. 24 during the first year. I've been six weeks without one, then had two in one week. It's hard on the pocketbook. Ours is $ 45 a pop. Through Affinity.
  2. iluvhrts

    Starting a new Caduceus Meeting

    Have you tried your State nursing association?ours offers professional support groups as well as helps guide ppl through their consent orders. I went to treatment at a facility that specialized in medical professionals so I go to aftercare there and get advocacy from them. Good luck.
  3. iluvhrts

    How to cannulate without pain?

    I went to a class today and we had a mini cannulation "workshop". I remembered something I practiced on.. I used the tubing of a needle and cannulated it over and over.. To get the hand of the "pop". It is roughly the size of a fistula or graft, rolls... I totally agree with the "taut" skin. Also, on a fistula a good tourniquet to pop it out. And when you get in and level out, I use my forefinger to make sure I'm threading it the right direction. It helped that one of my fav patients joked from day one that he "enjoyed pain" so I could try on him anytime.... And I can NEVER get his venous... Dang thing acts like a freaking snake 10% of the time... my old preceptor can never get his arterial... so we tag team him :)
  4. iluvhrts

    Confused Nursing Student....help!!

    I did not have any clue what "kind" of a nurse I wanted to be until my last clinical of nursing school. I did however have FIRM ideas on what I DID'NT want to do. Just study hard, get all the experience in every kind of nursing you can. Even if you don't think it will appeal to you, you never know what will "grab" you. For me, it was the words "DA@$ it, get me the crash cart!". But, now, I am totally out of acute care and LOVE it. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to a hospital. So, get all the experience you can! Good Luck!
  5. iluvhrts

    She got fired...

    Was there no other MD that could be called? No ER Doc? Way too little info.. Outside her scope, she could lose her job and her license .
  6. iluvhrts

    A question to nurses with children

    Just a thought.. In a clinic or MD's office (good luck finding that as a new grad unless you want to make MA pay), there would be things you would have to miss. Kindergarden graduations? Awards Days? Sometimes you can't get days off. No matter what profession you are in. Yes, when you work in acute care you have to work around things. I found it was the grown-ups that complained more than my kids (like my mother). It took a few years, but SHE adjusted. My family and I never missed a beat. Let's face it, we live in a 24/7 world. Nurses, MD's, police and firefighters are not the only one's that have to work. Truck drivers (my DH who makes more money for less hours than I work), grocery clerks, food service people. Kids are resilient. It's the grown-ups that can't adjust.
  7. iluvhrts

    Medical and Surgical ICU at Grady Health System

    Do you know anything about Grady? Grady is frequently on the edge of bankruptcy. It is the only Level One Trauma unit in the ATL area. The pay is less than average. They rarely hire new grads anymore. There are multiple Atlanta area nursing schools they would pull from. However, if you can tolerate the poor working conditions, the long hours, crappy pay and benefits... the experience is like no other.
  8. iluvhrts

    How to cannulate without pain?

    I think each pt is different. I think your attitude and demeanor is important. If you act all timid and unsure then the pts are not going to trust you. Breaking the skin is what hurts. I don't go slow, I find that it hurts worse. Also, rotating the sites. I go in , get a flash then level out....
  9. iluvhrts

    Transfer advice please

    Why don't you apply to a specialty area? Sounds like a simple solution?
  10. iluvhrts

    Nurses Week/Hospital Week

    My clinic didn't recognize our AA on Secretary's Day. So... since she organizes all things like that... I'm sure we are SCREWED. The other two nurses in my clinic gave me a blank stare when I greeted them with "Happy Nurse's Week" today. One of those was my boss.. Now, I have to go buy my Teacher appreciation gift. And I am going to buy our school nurse (who is wonderful and has called me about the sweetest child on earth several times this year) a gift. Quite honestly, I am ashamed to admit, I have never done that before. And I think it goes back to "they want to foster a TEAM environment".. The Nurse's might think they are superior to someone if we only recognize THEM. Although, any nurse worth their salt knows a good PCT, housekeeper and secretary are invaluable.
  11. iluvhrts

    Management demanding perfection from a new grad

    I don't have any advice to offer since I myself am in a precepting nightmare at this time. But, I do want to offer you some support and encouragement. I would contact an attorney. There is a section in my state nursing association's newspaper that has "administrative" law attorney's. Take care of yourself. Your daughter needs you! Best of luck in this dismal situation!
  12. iluvhrts

    Learn from my STUPID mistake

    Always check the stop-cock on transducers.... loose ones leave a big mess, lots of paperwork and a pt with a much lower crit.
  13. iluvhrts

    Accepted into ADN program and need advice about my fears

    Congratulations! I have an ADN and am working on my BSN while working full time. I despise math. HATE IT. Frankly, I was terrified of Clinical Calculations. I was more frightened of that than the actual nursing program. That said, I applied myself with the same determination I used to get into school, and passed with an A and never failed a med test in school or for a job. In the real world, your IV pumps calculate it, your smartphone app can calculate it or the pharmacy. But, you need to know how to do it because there will be times that you want to double check calculations. Good Luck!
  14. iluvhrts

    CCRN after ADN

    You have to have two years(I think) of ICU experience to get your CCRN. You will have no concept as a new grad about how to pass the CCRN, wether it be ADN or BSN. It is a very difficult test and requires clinical experience. I passed mine on the first try after 3 years experience with an ADN. Good Luck! You will have to sign an affidavit saying you have had so many hours in the past year of bedside hours in an ICU and give the name of someone that can verify it. You can go to AACN online and see the exact criteria. It's not as simple as taking a class and taking the test if you have not been in the ICU.
  15. iluvhrts

    Arterial line vs. cuff pressure.

    One other thing you could have done was "hard flush" the art line. Take a 10 ml syringe with NS and flush it throught the port as you would if you were drawing labs out of the port. Sometimes the extra force "whips" the end of the art line back into a better position. Why were you still using a poor art line? Frequent ABG's? That and you could have asked day shift to get an order to treat NIBP instead of Aline.
  16. iluvhrts

    Need help with application

    We can't give legal advice... But, the truth always works well. Consult an attorney.

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