Caduceus meeting in Austin Texas

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    I stumbled onto a website called Health Line Defense and discovered that the Travis County Medical Society does have a Caduceus meeting that is for physicians primarily but is open to other health care professionals such as nurses. I am going to call on Monday to get more information about when these meetings occur. This is definitely not advertised and none of my therapists/ addiction are aware of this. Not even TPAPN. I am sure It is to protect the anonymity of its members. For those of you in other states, check with your local medical society for a local caduceus meeting. I will keep you posted as to whether this is going to be helpful.
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    Here is the link to Health Line Defense if any one is interested.
    Health License Defense
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    Thanks for sending that link. I live in Austin and have been looking for something like this since 2009. I don't see where you can go to meetings though, have you gone to any?
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    Use caution, Caduceus meetings are not like AA meetings. They are good for networking, but keep in mind they are not AA meetings or like them in anyway. I've heard of more trouble coming to nurses that have attended them. Just my $0.02...
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    I have not pursued this any further due to comments made on this forum. I don't know what the downsides exactly are in reference to Caduceus meetings but I am concerned enough to just skip it.