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  1. Texasmama72

    Felony conviction/ OIG list

    Plastic surgeons maybe?
  2. Texasmama72

    One more bat outta hades

    So will it be easier for you to find a job now? I have stipulations on my license but I am scared that when I finish my year I am still going to be discriminated against since it stays on the bon, nursys and the data base. I have to check yes my license has been suspended if asked....seems endless..
  3. Texasmama72

    Probation period

    If anyone is in a pinch for money I see caregiver jobs on care.com all the time. It could hold you over until you got something else...
  4. Texasmama72

    Finally able to practice nursing. Jobs???

    Where do u live? You can also try research companies for different positions. Some don't even require a license. Just a nursing degree..
  5. Texasmama72

    Landing a job in hospital after stipulations

    Did you have Stips before ?
  6. Texasmama72

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    The CDC is reporting over 5000 deaths to dste. I look on this forum and read the stories, it doesn't appear that is possible? Thoughts?
  7. Texasmama72

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    Where are u?
  8. Texasmama72

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    Where are u?
  9. Texasmama72

    Laid off

    What city are u in?
  10. Texasmama72

    New York Presbyterian Queens

    What do the hospitals look like right now in NYC? I have a friend screaming this is a hoax...
  11. Texasmama72


    You can't work in home health if you have Stips in Texas. Has to be another RN working a facility. Looking on Austin area. I think we should start a complied list of employers who will work with Stips and TPAPN.
  12. Texasmama72

    How to become a clinical nurse researcher

    Did anyone get a research job?
  13. Texasmama72

    Switching to Research

    What kind of job did you get at Duke? Is it nurse position or clinical research associate?
  14. Texasmama72

    Online RN-BSN for recovering nurses

    Did anyone find a program that will allow you with restricted license??
  15. Texasmama72

    RN with stipulations looking for work in DFW

    How do you get experience?

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