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  1. Hello. I am in year 2 of SARP. I was just granted my privileges back with med/narcotics restriction. I live in MA. During nursing school I worked as CNA and CHHA for homecare company. I was hired by them as a homecare RN immediately after graduation. I never did a mes/surg or acute care stint. I am finding it hard to find a job with no acute care experience and not being allowed to do homecare while under probation. Does anyone have any idea what type of nursing jobs I may be considered for under these circumstances? I am working a non-RN job to make ends meet right now, but have come too far not to get back into nursing. Thanks!
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  3. by   sissiesmama
    Hello - welome to our recovering nurses thread. Glad ur here. I'm Anne and an addict. I entered our stte monitoring program in 1999, and thankfully gotten thru that. Don't have a whole lot that may help u. The homecare where u worked, it is affiliated with an inpt hospital in the area? If so, that may be an avenue. I know that's kind of a slim chance - it is around here at leat!

    I couldn't find a job with my restrictions, and had to deliver pizzas to pay bills. Not a fun solution, but was all I could find. I finally got a lead on a med urg unit that was willing to take me on as an RN and could deal with my restriction.

    Good luck to u in the program and in finding a nursing job. Keep us posted! And, glad you're here!
    Anne, RNC
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    maybe you could try going through a nurse you are friends with? someone who could vouch for you as a person. I got into acute care after 5.5 years of nursing home work.
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    Dialysis, medical office without access to drugs like cardiology, case management.
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    Try a staffing agency that fills local jobs. Often they fill temporary jobs that employers don't have enough staff to cover for, or don't want to hire for. These jobs range from single day flu shot clinics to long term jobs (covering for a maternity leave, for instance). Some of the positions are traditional med-surg jobs, and other jobs are a bit of a stretch to call 'nursing'. The other option that is often available to recovering addicts/ alcoholics is working as a peer counselor; usually these people aren't professionals so if a hospital or rehab facility can hire a nurse as a peer counselor, it's a huge bonus for them--they get a professional who has a first hand understanding of addictions.

    I've never been a substance abuser, but many of my clients/patients are. It's a tough road to be an addict, a tough road to get clean, and sadly a tough road once you are clean. Rebuilding takes time, and sadly there can be a very long lag between the time you stop using and the time others regain their trust. Don't give up. Best of luck.
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    Thank you all for your replies and helpful suggestions. I will continue to update. I have read through other members posts and that proves to be encouraging. Hopefully I can pass it on through my own journey and struggles. Keep the suggestions coming!...