What happens after cgfns CES report issued?

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    Hi all,

    My status on the cgfns website is now "Report Issued" so a copy has gone to the NJ BON and one presumably to me.

    So what happens next? Do the NJ BON contact me to tell me if I need to make up hours and what they are or do I need to contact them?

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    The State BON either gives a snail mail or e-mails you or in some cases they have an on-line service w/c applicants can log-in and see the status. Most also provide an e-mail add. or # to call for applicants to check their current status.

    Depends really on the individual State BON. Better check their website.
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    Also, if they just issued and mailed the report to NJ BON give it some time. NJ BON prob. receives hundreds of CES reports on a daily basis. They may not even have sorted yours yet. Give it 1-2 weeks or so.
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    Im still confused lol I called the NJ BON and they told me that it is cgfns that tells me what hours im short that it will be on the full course by course CES report they hAve mailed. NJ BON said they will get report and if cgfns have said hours are enough they will begin process of liciencsure via examination or if it says I am short certain hours they will put my file on hold till I make them up and they are notified by cgfns that I now have the hours.

    So I guess its just wait and see!

    Ruth x
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    They are correct. CGFNS is the one who evaluated your Transcripts and just give their report, hence, the CES report to NJ BON and NJ then gives you the eligibility or approval to take NCLEX if CGFNS found no problems.
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    is there a possibility that a foreign graduate nurse from the philippines after the CES of CGFNS wont be able to meet the criteria of the state?
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    Quote from spongebob6286
    is there a possibility that a foreign graduate nurse from the philippines after the CES of CGFNS wont be able to meet the criteria of the state?
    Yes, CES is just an evaluation on your transcripts and each BON will have their own requirements so can easily decide if you are short in hours
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    hi guys!

    I would like to ask whether I'm going to have problems in my CES request for academic records. our school already filled up the form & provided the TOR & RLE. I'm worried on the part of the form where it asked about 'hours of theoretical instruction'. all were answered in number of hours except for the gerontology and pharmacologY, where what they put 'integrated in nursing 102 to nursing 105' . it didn't specify the hours.

    do you think I have something to worry about? I already inquired about it to them, they said (the school) that they just based it from the documents provided by them by the faculties.
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    Hard to say as it will depend on BON. Only way really is see what happens
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    I wonder what happened next.... I wish you updated this thread guys...

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