What happens after cgfns CES report issued? - page 2

Hi all, My status on the cgfns website is now "Report Issued" so a copy has gone to the NJ BON and one presumably to me. So what happens next? Do the NJ BON contact me to tell me if I need to make up hours and what they... Read More

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    I have my CGFNS-CES report issued too for the Massachusetts BON. It says that my degree is similar to a US RN degree. Would you guys know the wait time for Massachusetts? I'm thinking about enrolling at KAPLAN for my online review. Is it okay to enroll now while waiting for their approval? or would it take longer than 3 months(the duration of a Kaplan qbank online access)? Thank you very much.

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    Call your state BON and make sure they recieved your CES and ask them if your missing any requirements that you need to submit. If they say its complete and your just waiting on your ATT, then enroll now, but i would just wait to recieve my ATT and have a sure testing date before I enroll.

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