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    I just arrived here in Washington State last year. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. My question is what is the first step I'm going to do to be able to take a state nursing board exam here in WA?
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    go to the washington board of nursing and download their application for the Nclex-RN. complete all the requirements and pass the exam. i believe u need to pass the toefl exam first before you can get an eligibility to test.
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    Thank you DianaBG10 for the response. I'd already went to the WA board of nursing web. Yes you are correct that need to take and pass the TOEFL as one of their requirements. I'm doing a self study for the TOEFL since last month. I'm just wondering if I can work now the CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) Professional report or I need to take a TOEFL first before working on that? Are you a Pinay too?
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    you can now start your CES evaluation while waiting for your toefl because it will take 4mos and up depending on your school to complete all the requirements needed by the CGFNS.. yes im a pinay.. i applied for Oregon state and im
    here at bremerton WA.. how bout you?
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    I have been living in Olympia for four months now. It's nice to meet a Pinay here. Regarding the CES evaluation, I just went to CGFNS site and read about the process. They said I have to contact my school regarding the TOR and download the form to their site which I should forward to my school and my school are the one who will send my documents to them. Is that right?? Sorry to keep asking, I just wanted to make sure that I'm doing the process correctly? This is my e-mail address leila.green@comcast.net, hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for keep posting here, Kabayan.
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    Any documents like TOR, English exam results have to either come direct from the establishment or if given to you must be in a signed and sealed envelope.
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    I appreciated your response, Silverdragon102.
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    your very welcome you just have to download the request form from cgfns and send it to your school and prc i think for license verification
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    The information that you've given to me is really a big help. I hope you don't mind if I ask if you are praticing your profession here in WA?

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