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I just arrived here in Washington State last year. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. My question is what is the first step I'm going to do to be able to take a state nursing board exam here in WA?

no.. u just have to avail their evaluation (CES) for nclex-rn and after submitting all the

requirements to them (CGFNS) , the CGFNs will send the report to the State your planning to apply to, like WA. the WA BRN will then decide if your eligible to take the exam.

the application to WA is different from CGFNS. Cgfns is the agency that provide services for evaluation of your documents , send the application,fees to WA and then avail the Certification evaluation from

cgfns. the 2 will communicate about your evaluation report after you completed all the requirements. ;)))

I'm sorry Kabayan, I'm just confused. This is my e-mail [email protected]. Can I have your number please for the further question/s. You can send it to my e-mail. Thank you.

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