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I just arrived here in Washington State last year. I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. My question is what is the first step I'm going to do to be able to take a state nursing board exam here in WA?

yeah i just got my Eligibility from oregon last month.. what year did you graduated in the pi?

Congratulations, Kabayan! I graduated year 2008 and took the exam on the same year. How about you? I'm so happy that I found a Pinay Nurse here.

thank you :) i graduated 2007 hihi but took the exam on 2008..

Kabayan, may I know if you are taking up NCLEX online review? What references are you using? Ty

for now im just reading the Saunders Compre 6th edition from front to back 1/4 to finish line lol.. im still thinking getting online review coz ill be having my baby on May ;) so while waiting for my due date im reviewing content then practice q&a, lots of q&a after.. i just make sure that i have 4-5hours a day to read and proly buy more books, im planning to buy Kaplan strategies, Priority delegation by LaCharity and Lippincott for practice q&a.. thats all i have in mind

for now.. how bout you? whats ur

plans for your


For now, I'm reading KAPLAN "The Basics". I just downloaded some KAPLAN books from Amazon. I don't know yet if I'm going to take up NCLEX online review. I'm more concentrated in TOEFL at the moment.Yaayyy..Congrat's, Kabayan! How I wish I would expecting a baby too.

Hi Kabayan, I just wanted to ask what's the requirements for you to become eligible in taking NCLEX Oregon? Just a CGFNS-CES for foreign students?

you need to have a minimum 960hours of experience as a nurse for the last 5 years if you are graduated more than 3 years. but if you just graduated not more than 3 years you just need the cgfns evaluation and no toefl required for you to become eligible to take the exam.. if you want you can try Florida they only require Cgfns :)

I graduated 2008 and I have more than 960 hours of experience for the last five years. So if I am going to take the NCLEX Oregon they will require me to have CGFNS and prove or send documents from the hospital that I work in before pertaining that I have 960 hours experience? Am I correct?

yes! thats right hehe thats what i did.. because i dont have time to study and take the toefl that why i chose Oregon.. so whats your plan?

I am going to take the TOEFL, Kabayan. It's tough I do studying TOEFL and reviewing NCLEX at the same time. Goodluck to us. Keep me posted, Kabayan.

Hi Kabayan, when you applied for CGFNS did you hire or get agency? What should I do first, have CGFNS-CES application then send application to WA BON?

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