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  1. GodmademeRN

    Anyone who applied for RN endorsement to Guam?

    hi tmelee! thank you so much! have you already endorsed your license to guam? how long does the license endorsement from guam took you? i'll send my application this november 😀
  2. GodmademeRN

    Guam RN

    Hi how did you process your license in guam? We will be stationed there this oct and i dont know how will i endorse my license from oregon to guam cause i believe they dont accept online application..thanks
  3. GodmademeRN

    deficiencies for foreign nurse graduate

    hi jenjie do you mind sharing the school? im here at washington too and passed my nclex in oregon state and still working on my toefl for endorsement.. ca requires me not just to take OB class but Psych and ms too.. hope you could share the school it would be a really big help us.. my email : ianneeh_10ten@yahoo.com thank you!
  4. GodmademeRN

    ThankGUAM PCS orders with Dependent RN

    hi my husband is in military too and will move to guam soon.. i just got my RN license in oregon im just wondering if theres a lot of entry jobs there for new nurses? and also how did you guys endorse your license? i was looking for any information online and cant find anything i believe they dont do online.. i saw one a pdf file but its so confusing.. i just want a specific requirements for endorsement so i can start the process before going to Guam.. Thank you so much :)
  5. GodmademeRN

    Guam nursing jobs.

    how did you guys endorse your license yo guam? i need help about the requirements.. thank you si much!
  6. hi guys im just wondering if anyone here who already applied for endorsement in Guam? me and my husband will be transfered soon in Guam and i would like to start my RN license endorsement asap, im aware that they dont have any website, i just need help filling up their application and their requirements. i graduated in Philippines and i just got my RN license from oregon last year. Thank you so much!
  7. GodmademeRN

    RN license expire too soon!

    Hi everyone i just need some light regarding my license, i just passed nclex last oct 8 and my license will expire next year april. i am aware about the rules of birthday year (even/odd) numbers. and too bad i was hit by even number next year so i will be currently have my license for only 6mos and needs renewal starting on Feb 2015. my question is Oregon state needs requirements for renewal like pre entry and experiences for the last 5yrs. i just got my license and im just wondering if i still need to provide those requirements? i graduAted 7yeArs ago im a full time mom and a military spouse we move a lot and im still on the road of looking for a job and my license will expire soon. anyone experience this situation? any advice? thank you so much!
  8. GodmademeRN

    Nclex confusion

    you might try nclex 3500 for alternate questions it free tho.. thats what i did everyday and got lots of sata in my exam.. i always got 60-68 in my qbank and qtrainer and passed at 75.. but i still have scored 40s-50s in clients needs..just aim 60s overall and you'll be fine :)
  9. GodmademeRN

    Nclex confusion

    just do those qtrainer before your exam.. and aim 60s.. dont forget your labs and medications too.. and practice alternate questions like 20-30 a day cause they have lots of sata so you wont feet nervous when you get sata..
  10. GodmademeRN

    Nclex confusion

    yes i do have those low score.. focus on your weak areas and read all the rationale.. but if youre scoring 60s above you should be fine :))
  11. GodmademeRN

    effective: NCSBN or KAPLAN

    both! i used both.. kaplan helpd me the most. passed at 75 :)
  12. GodmademeRN

    What is the good pop-up?

    me too! i passed! pvt works for me! thank y'all!
  13. GodmademeRN

    NCLEX RN tomorrow!

    @jp you will! just pray and lift it up all to God! will pray for you :))
  14. GodmademeRN

    NCLEX RN tomorrow!

    PRAISE THE LORD! I passed! i just saw my license no. in BON! Thank you Guys! Pvt works for me!
  15. GodmademeRN

    PVT "Good pop up" Failed?

    PRAISE THE LORD! I passed! just saw my license no. in BON! Thank you guys!!!
  16. GodmademeRN

    NCLEX today

    PRAISE THE LORD! I passed! i just saw my license no. in BON! thank you Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!