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I am a USC and BSN graduate from the Philippines and have not taken IELTS yet. I will be leaving for the US next month. Does anybody know any US State that don't require IELTS/TOEFL on their application for NCLEX? Thank you... Read More

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    It's true in regards to the CA BON denying and or rejecting a very high majority of the current PH degree holders, I don't know actual numbers, but it seems less 1% gets thru and the 99% are not. I too am affected by this.

    If you're still in the Phils, you might ask your dean or the person handling the transcripts, if they know for a fact, that they have had no problems with their students getting a ATT from the CA BRN. This means they must clearly document that ALL your courses and clinicals were taken in the same month and semester, not months or a year or two later, also, they must have the proper amount of clinical hours. Thry should know the numbers, I'm sure they are now experts at this. You will need to put pressure on them if they become lazy on you.

    If you and the school can truly say without a doubt, that the school has been in full compliance with the CA BRN minimum educational requirements and all their students have had no problems with getting the ATT from CA, then you stand a very good chance of passing the strict CA requirements, but if there's one slight issue with any one class, clinical, incorrect timing of your theory and clinical, then your application will be one of the 99% of getting rejected-denied.

    Ask the dean or the people filling out your forms, can you ask or find a way to talk or write to a live PH student who actually got their ATT from CA.

    BTW, one of my batchmates e-mailed me that maybe the state of PA (Pennsylvania) may not require any English exams. But even if that was true, getting a PA license will not endorse or transfer back into CA. Again, for the same reason, CA will ALWAYS request for copies of your college transcripts and if there's any issue on your curriculum, you will be working and playing in PA, as CA will not allow your PA license to be moved over, since it still didn't meet the CA BON requirements. The same thing again if you got your RN license in any other state other than CA, the endorsement process will be stopped and why waste your money?

    I wish I had a better way to resolve your concerns, but it all comes back to the original starting point with the CA BON and for the time being they are not planning to change anything from their stance and have no reason to with the very high unemployment of not only new grad nurses but experienced one too.

    There are plenty of good reads on all the subject and issues you may have in these forums.

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    I was unable to edit my posting but here's what I wanted to add to my statement above:

    Ask the dean or the people filling out your forms, can you ask or find a way to talk or write to a live PH student who actually got their ATT from CA "recently", this means those students applying after the Nov. 2011 cut-off month. You need to inquire of those students from your school getting their ATT's from the 2012 and to present. Good luck!

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