Scottish nurse looking into Canada - do I need a degree? - page 2

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Hi, I'm currently looking into applying to work in Canada, most likely Ontario or Alberta or wherever there are jobs available really. I graduated from universit with a higher diploma and currently I'm 2/3 through my bachelors... Read More

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    Thanks for your comment, Did you complete your higher diploma in the UK? I did cover some peads and mental health hours in my training but i am unsure if i have enough hours to qualify? Obviously i would rather apply sooner but i do not want to apply with only a higher diploma (even though i am 2/3 through my degree and hopefully will finish in December) and be rejected as the cost of applying to CARNA is almost 1000 and almost 500 for Ontario
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    Thanks, I emailed a few nursing boards and it seems the general consensus is to apply once I have my degree. The Canadian government has put a freeze the skilled worker program till January 2013 so I suppose that tallies up with when I will be applying but obviously I wish I could start the process just now as it looks like it is a very long drawn out process.