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    Quote from Dana_mae
    hi everyone!

    Would it be advisable to process the police check online while in your country or have it done when you are already in Australia?
    It depends on the school, some prefer to have it done while you are still here in the Phils. I did mine when i am already in oz.

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    Quote from pogzRN
    Anyone knows where to find the CoE code on your LOE??

    I'm trying to apply the visa online and it's been asking me of the code. Instructions were it could be somewhere at the top right corner of the LOE, mine has but it's in excess of 1 more digit. I reckon ETEA wouldn't even issue Conformation of Enrollment as they only have the LOE to give to their students. Is this correct??

    Now how would I proceed with my application?! This is insane!!!
    Submit your applcation at the via center. Etea does not provide coe.
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    Quote from chelseaxyrene
    PURPOSE TYPE: Commonwealth purpose/Employment
    PURPOSE OF CHECK: Care of children/Intellectually disabled/Aged care sta/Volunteers

    I am for IHNA and this is what they required.
    hi! thank you for your reply.=)

    does the purpose of check varies depending on the school or does it apply to all? thank you!=)
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    Did castlemaine release letter of offers already?
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    Anyone here for Perth July intake? please message me or text me at 0 9 0 6 4 6 6 7 7 7 0. Maybe we can talk about the flight/ accommodations/ preparations...?
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    Quote from danceinstructor

    It has been quite some time since I last visited in this site and I felt the need to post what I had experienced while doing the bridging program here in “The Land Down Under” to discuss with what is really happening. I hope this will somehow facilitate those who are aspiring to come and do the BP.

    OVERVIEW. I am from BOHOL, Philippines and have just completed the IRON program (batch 7) of La Trobe University- Bendigo last month. The course runs for 13 weeks which started last 14 Jan 2013, however, I qualified for an “early exit” that’s why I was able to finish it in just 8 weeks. One will qualify for such if you can carry out the National Competency Standards for RN here in Australia regardless if you have enough experience back in your own country or none at all. We were 40 international trained nurses in our class, 29 which were from the Philippines, 2 were from Japan, 1 from Taiwan and the rest are from India.
    I would like to stress out the phrase “regardless even if you have enough experience or none”. Yes, you can PASS the bridging program even if you have ZERO experience and you can also FAIL the course even if you have ENOUGH experience. Failing the course means you are not competent to be a RN Div 1 here in Australia, you may be competent in your own country but it does not necessarily give you an assurance that you can also be competent here. And that is happened to my other FILIPINO classmateS (Plural from) who FAILED the IRON program. THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH EXPERIENCE back in the Phils, and yet they failed. The reason? I do not know. There were already nurses from other countries in the previous batches who were sent home because of not passing the course.

    REGISTRATION. Those who succeed in the “early exit” got their certificate of completion from our school last 13 March. Some got their AHPRA registration in just a week’s time, some in 2 weeks while I waited for 3 weeks for my registration to be finalized. Those who did not qualify for the early exit by some means finished the course a few weeks after we graduated. The course will supposedly end on 12 April and our 575 student visa will expire on 12 May to most students. If you will pass and finish the course in the 10th or 11th week then you do the math if it would take you 3 weeks for your registration to be processed. Time element is really a big factor.

    JOB. Amongst the 40 nurses from our class, ONLY 1 got a job offer at the moment. Some already went to NSW, QL, SA yet still, no sponsorship has been given. Some of my classmates have a well calibrated experience from the top hospitals in the Phils but they are having a hard time in getting a sponsorship. Yes there are still LOTS of RN jobs available but most of them do not offer sponsorship for 457 visa anymore, some are casual and part time positions only. For one to qualify for the Employer sponsored 457 (work) visa, you should have a permanent full time position. The thing is that they are now prioritizing more on the locals/ residents here, and that is also 1 reason why the 457 visa will have strict changes starting 1 July this year. On top of that, you will be competing with the Graduate nurses here and the Div 2/ Enrolled nurse for they are the ones that most employers would most likely hire at present.

    There are also many job openings for RN in special areas like ED, theatre, CCU/ICU, NICU but you should have at least 1-2 years experience in that special area, some hospitals even requires post graduate course certificate in those fields but still it does not guarantee that it will likely be sponsoring you for your working visa.

    ACCOMMODATION. Bendigo is one of the regional areas in Australia and their minimum rent per week basing on what my other classmates had were between AU $ 150-175 PER WEEK. Some of my colleagues who were in an agency with a “fly now pay later” scheme had a temporary accommodation for almost 1 month only and after that they were on their own of finding a place in their remaining days of stay here. I was lucky enough that I got an accommodation for AU $ 120/ week that is just a 15 min walk to the hospital where I did my acute clinical placement and a 10 min walk to my non-acute placement but it took me 2 rides in going to the school. Somehow it was okay that I stayed away from school since there will only be 3 weeks classroom lectures and the rest are for the placements. I spent roughly AU $ 5 PER DAY for my fare to school.

    If one is planning to come here then he should be tough and be prepared for every possible thing that may happen. Hope for the best and expect for the worst. Some students who finished their BP in other schools but couldn’t find a job yet have already enrolled to other courses just to extend their stay here and continue their job hunting. I guess every one already has an idea of how much is the cost of their courses especially if you are an international student.

    To the next IRON batch of LTU, good luck and believe that dreams do come true! You may PM me if you have queries like accommodation and others. I am not sure though if I can regularly check this site for any comments but you can also send me sms in my roaming Smart mobile no. +639185728503 for urgent matters.

    Thank you and God bless us all!
    Yes, thank you for sharing your experiences with us! That's the same story I mentioned about my contacts who after now going into almost their 2nd year after their bridging program are still looking for their very first job!!! Not even an interview has been granted!

    With the new visa restrictions, it will be that much tougher now.

    It's even worse for those that had to finance the bridge program with agencies such as PHILMAN or AG Finance, as they can't afford to pay those loans back and depending again on others (family, relatives, friends, friends of friends) to come up with monthly payments, so sad. If you don't pay back, those agencies get "nasty" to collect.

    The job market is quickly shrinking for PH nurses and like you said, the hiring preferences are now going to the local grads as the top priority, as the same thing in the States.
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    Quote from ceridwyn
    ''I had an experience in New zealand but as a nurse assistant only.. do you think they'll count that in? ''

    No, they will not. I had 15 years as an Enrolled Nurse and absolutely no recruiter wants to know about that part of my CV, it is RN 1 experience only. Makes sense really.
    There are different competencies for a nurse assistant versus RN and if you have had experience as a nurse assistant, does not make one a competent RN.

    aww that's so sad. anyways, thank you.

    I lodged my Nursing registration at AHPRA NSW last march 25 2013 and I havent heard from them since then. im worried. how long does it usually take for an application to be processed?
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    I did hear that applicants from countries not on the list Ie: english speaking, that you now require at least 1 year of RN experience before given the okay to do a bridging course.
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    Hi, last month I posted my case in this forum regarding my the Board's decision on my application, proposing a refusal. I then sent them my letter of appeal sometime this month and my Registration Officer, promptly replied in the email saying:

    Dear __________,

    I think you may have misunderstood the Board outcome letter. Please refer to the sections of the letter below. You will be required to complete a Board approved bridging program to gain registration. If you have any questions and want to call to clarify this matter, I would be happy to talk to you.

    1.In order to be qualified for registration, an applicant must meet the requirements of section 53(c) of the National Law, that being to hold a qualification not referred to in section 53(a) or section 53(b) of the National Law relevant to the health profession and have successfully completed an examination or other assessment required by the NMBA for the purpose of general registration in the health profession.

    ·Complete a Board approved bridging program that leads to registration.

    A current list of approved programs can be found at the NMBA website Please note; it is not within AHPRA’s jurisdiction to compel an education provider to provide a course.
    This letter will be required by the education provider as evidence that you have been assessed as eligible for entrance to an NMBA approved bridging course for registration of internationally qualified nurses/enrolled nurses/ midwives.
    When the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) receives evidence of your successful completion of a NMBA approved bridging course for internationally qualified nurses / enrolled nurses/midwives, your application for registration will be progressed if you meet all of the registration standards at that time. You can access the NMBA Registration Standards and guidelines via the NMBA website
    Failure to comply
    Under section 80(5) of the National Law, your application will be taken to be withdrawn if you do not complete the bridging program within twelve (12) months of the date of this meeting. Extension beyond this date will not be granted.


    Registration Officer

    I'm confused now because apparently I am now eligible to undergo a BP course, but I would really like to make sure, as I do not know where she got this part in the letter she emailed me. Clearly, this was not in the Board Outcome Letter I received a month ago. I hope I can be allowed to ask for a copy of my Eligibility Letter (PDF and in mail). Would they be strict in giving out copies of these?

    @ceridwyn , you were right back then. Thank you.

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    They have made a mistake, its in plan english, that they plan to refuse your application.

    I would ask for a copy of the original that your case officer is referring too by return email, so that you may start looking for bridiging programs.

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