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    Quote from bite_me
    no i dont think we are required to take their accomodation. i was offered the june 2013 intake how about you?
    hi! IHNA also offered me june 13 intake but i'm kinda hesitant to accept the offer because of their accreditation problems. Did you already pay the enrollment fee 1500? I'm also still waiting for reply from ETEA or AAon.

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    Quote from pringxoxo

    My visa doesn't say any VALID for 1 year. And when I emailed the officer, he told me that his letter is "to confirm that you are not allowed to travel AFTER 12 Jan 2013" - that means my MULTIPLE VISA is only from this day until 12 Jan 2013 (less than a month from now). Although, my visa states that my length of stay is: 3 months (enough to finish the course if I enter 3rd of Jan), the point of having been given the MULTIPLE is my main concern. My visa is quite weird compared to all.

    I was able to talk to one of the customer representative giving all the real reason of my appeal to them, to allow me have the privilege of using the MULTIPLE entry. For the 3-month long course, something might happen, and I might be needing to go back for a short while, that means - I will need to apply a new visa to enter Au. I even asked them to check if they can have it extended even just enough time for me to finish the course, so I won't be needing to worry about the possibility of visa problem within that time. They say, they will have to talk to the case officer, who happened to be not replying anything to me.
    This was based on all of your answers on the form
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    Quote from cummulus

    i went to my GP and asked to certify that i received mine when i was still a baby. then on top of that, i had a PPD skin test (which turned out positive) but provided a clear CXR result

    Cummulus, i am not done with bp yet. So ur experience in ph in icu? How long did you wait for the offer? After the course you had to exit?
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    Quote from anay1
    Apply in QLD. They respond faster and they'll release your registration faster compared to other states. I got my registration after 3 days compared to my other batchmates who received theirs after a month or so. If you apply in WA, you need to achieve 80% passing mark as compared to other states which only requires 50%. It is just my 2cents.
    Hi #anay1, i already submitted my application to AHPRA NSW last thursday because i am currently living here. I really hope they will respond after 4-6 weeks as the receptionist told me so. Good luck to me! thanks for the info anyway. are you now working as an RN in QLD? happy for you!
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    hi mindful1, thanks for the info. i already submitted my application to AHPRA NSW. i included my NCLEX examination info & Texas license. i hope it'll help. the receptionist told me that it'll take 4-6 weeks processing. Good luck on your application!
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    I have two friends who thought they were exempt if they had a license in the USA.
    They were told by AHPRA in Victoria, after a few giggles - I was told and told very strongly that Australia is not part of the United States and that the only thing the NCLEX can do for you or any other nursing exam is prove that you have done some CPD, nothing else, it will not get you out of bridging program unless you have worked in english speaking country - as a nurse for at least 3 months.
    ..and now with this trouble with some bridging programs having accreditations, makes it hard for us pinoys.
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    hi chelseaxyrene! i am also applying for a slot in IHNA, can i just ask what is MWT? it is on the first page of their online application form.. ive googled it and its and educational consultancy.. i just want to be sure. thanks!
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    Does anyone know someone who availed of IHNA's accommodation? Is it a decent place to stay and what kind of place do they offer? Also, do you know if you can choose who you'll be living with? My friend also got accepted on the same intake.
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    to chelseaxyrene: did you apply online for ihna? and if yes, do they only allow certified true copies of the documents? thanks!
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    Quote from seph
    to chelseaxyrene: did you apply online for ihna? and if yes, do they only allow certified true copies of the documents? thanks!
    yes, all documents should be CTC.

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