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  1. I did mine last May 2012, no pre-departure way back :)
  2. Congratulations!! :) Anyway, which state did you apply and how long did it take you to receive your letter?
  3. Hi. Is anyone here enrolled for the Assessment of Competence Program in The Australian College of Nursing (College of Nursing) for Jan 2013? If you guys need a place to stay, I can recommend a good place close to the college. Its about 10mins walk. Regards :)
  4. Hi leidanz, unfortunately I can't answer your question. Maybe you can ring AHPRA, not your CO, to ask. yes, I did exit Australia since I am on 456 and return again after a onth.
  5. I do think it's best to declare it even though time would be an issue. I did my BP at CON.
  6. No problemo Adel :) God bless on your road to becoming an AUS RN :)
  7. I declared it. Though I am a CALI passer so I just explained about needing the SSN, and attached the letter (informing me of passing the NCLEX) for support. No question asked. :)
  8. Hi everyone. I'm not quiet sure if you know or remember me. Anyway, I'll be starting my job as an Aged Care RN next week. I know you got a lot of questions. "Why aged care?", "Are there no Hospital jobs?" There are still employment awaiting for us in the hospitals but I am on a 456 visa and my current entry is about to expire, due to time and money constraints, I don't have the right to choose. To be honest, after I've lodge my visa, I got 4 invitations for an interview in public hospitals here in Aus but unfortunately I can't entertain them already. The real picture here is that there are a lot of vacancies here, as in hundreds, but not all are willing to sponsor for a working visa (which we all need except if you're a PR/citizen) consequently making it hard for us to gain jobs in our interested field. Even aged care facilities are not so keen in sponsoring anymore, that is why I still consider myself lucky. However, if you can wait, maybe you'll get what you like. They say it is a burden in Aged Care and our RN skills will be compromised. I don't know if that is true but what's important is that we give our sincere care to patients. Timeline: August 2011 - Applied for eligibility December - Received my Letter of Eligibility from AHPRA May 2012 - Started Bridging Program July - Done with BP Sep - Got my registration Number November - Offered a job December 12 2012 - Start job I am very anxious, actually. I don't have any idea about being an Aged Care RN but I know God knows I can do it because He will not put me here on the first place if I cant surpass this. Good luck everyone :)
  9. Im for May intake at CON :))
  10. Congratulations!!!!!! :)
  11. Aww This must have been so hard for you. At least they have consider your request for extension. I have read my LOE just now that extensions will not be granted. God still made way for you :) Have you tried applying in different schools with your current IELTS? Just keep on trying! Might as well send your English Certificate from HS and college, maybe they would reconsider :) God bless.
  12. stereo, I was wondering why didn't you apply immediately for a BP after receiving your LOE? If you don't mind me asking. But if you do it's just fine :) P.S. AHPRA WA's LOE is also valid for only a year too.
  13. Haha. That is why I am hesitant!
  14. Thank you Silverdragon! :)