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does anyone have done endorsing CA license to another state? i need information on what to fill out on the LICENSE NUMBER of the VERIFICATION OF LICENSE FORM which is to be sent to the CA-BON. i passed the NCLEX-RN in CA last... Read More

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    how can I verify if CA-BON already recieved my request letter for candidate report. I sent this more than a month ago.

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    what are the necessary requirements that i need to have and submit before i can transfer my exam results from ca? does arkansas require applicants to have cgfns and ces? what form should i request? download? licensure by examination or licensure by endorsement? i would also want to inquire about the requirements on renewal of license? will they be requiring a ssn and clinical practice hours upon renewal?
    thank you very much and i hope to hear from you soon
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    All requirements regarding foreign trained nurses will be on the BON's website
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    Quote from nezzyRN
    yes, i called the ASBN. try to download their application form - LICENSE BY EXAMINATION, all the guidelines, qualification and requirements for examination are there. see it by yourself so you don't get confused. also, you need to request for an FBI fingerprint card from ASBN and they will mail it to your address.

    the forms consist of: 1. application 2. background check -- these two have to be notarized 3. degree verification -- submit this to your school together with the photocopy of your diploma, tor, rle 4. license verification - submit this to PRC together with your card photocopy.

    i hope this helps you.

    NezzyRN, have you taken the ARKANSA State Board?
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    hi, just wanna ask which form to be filled from california to forward my results? is it the copy of results? thanks..
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    dear choco,

    may i please asked you when did you write to ****? i have emailed california board of nursing today june 13/2012 and asking them for extension but they replied " we do not provide courtesy extensions of your file. no exceptions" i think i should read your post earlier, you are right that from april 26, 2010 that they are no longer extend our nclex result.

    i am just wondering about the options that **** indicated, becos my file will going to destroyed next year 2013 and i am now studying in the states, i am looking for job on campus and i hope i can apply for ssn via work also, but i can not do that now since they required one year as full time students before they allow me to work, therefore, my nclex result surely expired. for that reason, can i still use the first option?

    once the valid u.s. social security number is obtained, the applicant may re-apply to the brn. currently, the applicant will not have to retest, because even though the file is abandoned and destroyed, the nclex-rn test result is still valid. once the board receives all the requirements (application for licensure by examination; transcript from school; the fingerprint clearance and a valid u.s. ssn) we needed; the ca rn license will be issued".

    were you able to obtain your license this way? are in the states right now?

    thank you so much for the post, it is great help and very good information for international nurses like me.

    wished you the best choco,


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    How did you ask CA to forward your result to the state your trying to have a license?
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    Quote from geejoy
    How did you ask CA to forward your result to the state your trying to have a license?
    They have a form on their website plus small fee
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    I actually saw the fee of 10$ but I cant find the form. Would you happen to know under what tab can I find it?
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    hi geejoy, though you do not have a license issued by the California Board of Nursing, you still need to go through the process of Verification of Licensure. Try this link it will take you through the steps: Board of Registered Nursing - Verification of Licensure

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