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nezzyRN has 4 years experience and specializes in ER, MS, OB, PEDIATRICS, DR-OR COMPLEX.

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  1. nezzyRN


    ok. you have quite many questions right there but I'll try to answer them all. 1. I personally don't know any employer sponsoring for EB3 but you may try to look for at some job sites like workabroad. Growing numbers of US employer are hiring again these days since PDs are picking up again. 2. Since you don't have PD yet please stay employed in the hospital. I know salary offers in US insurance companies are very tempting but don't be deceived with it and the title that has 'clinical' on it. Although US has acknowledge the job as one of the nursing field what employers want when they hire new nurses to sponsor are the ones currently employed in acute setting. 3. Although there is no assurance that this sudden jump of PDs will continue in the following months or years don't make it a reason not to start with your American dream. You need to get started at least you'll have something to look forward to at the end of the day. 4. I strongly recommend to get your Visa Screen before your IELTS expires. IELTS result is only valid for 2 years. Start you Visa Screen application process maybe 8-6 months before your IETLS expires because the steps are quite lengthy. And once your VS is issued it will be valid for 5 years. I hope these helps you.
  2. nezzyRN

    EB3 change status

    don't worry about this matter. after getting married and as soon as you get your marriage certificate you may write to NVC requesting to add your wife as your dependent. that's how easy. check out the NVC website for the mailing address.
  3. nezzyRN

    license by endorsement from CA to another state

    The form that you need to accomplish and submit to the California Board of Nursing is the request form from the state where you intend to apply your license.
  4. nezzyRN

    license by endorsement from CA to another state

    hi geejoy, though you do not have a license issued by the California Board of Nursing, you still need to go through the process of Verification of Licensure. Try this link it will take you through the steps: Board of Registered Nursing - Verification of Licensure
  5. nezzyRN

    Oklahoma BON now requires SSN for NCLEX?

    for US licensed nurses in the state of Arkansas who are still in the Philippines, we can still renew our licenses even without SSN, granting the license renewal papers are received by the BON on or before the expiry date.
  6. an American company is hiring for US Registered Nurses with 1.5 years of clinical experience. US licence must be active but they also assist licence application for NCLEX passers from the state of California. if interested, kindly e-mail your full name and contact number to me and I'll submit your info to HR. should you have any questions, please feel free to ask. ​
  7. nezzyRN

    Haad exams

    there is no specific review material i knew for HAAD. it's a general information type of exam, of course related to nursing, so any review book will do. in my case, i had a review for NCLEX prior to taking HAAD so i relied on it. to tell you HAAD is way easier than NLE and NCLEX.
  8. You are so right Silverdragon, it's only up to the discretion of the US Consul to approve or deny your application for a visa. I think, fraud only comes in when you are giving false statement, information and documents with the intention of acquiring a visitor's visa to look for a job or of staying in the US for good; but paying someone to assist you to avoid hassle is another story since still the applicants themselves will be in-line doing the interview. You can check out the internet to see it yourselves, there are really legal services being offered that will hasten your application for a visa only it will cost you thousands of bucks, and such services of course are only for the privileged ones; i mean if you can't afford for the service fee then do it yourself, downloading the application form, setting an appointment, etc. One more thing for the information of those who find wrong in me acquiring a visa with an extra effort, an approved visa on your passport still does not guarantee entry in US. Still you have to prove to the interview officer at your port of entry your clear intention in getting in the US and if you are financially able to support your entire stay. What i'm implying here is the importance of money which is my means of extra effort in getting a visa and enjoying it.
  9. What's wrong in giving an extra effort and spending extra money in getting something? I'm just so lucky enough to have all the resources I needed, now I'm enjoying the privilege.
  10. how true? could anyone give me a link for this?
  11. nezzyRN

    Desperate situation and after advice for a friend

    There are many nursing schools in Manila that accept enrolees regarless of their marital status even like your friend's daughter's situation. i guess the question will be her endurance against stress from school activities and hospital duties because of her condition. Anyway, try to make inquiries from Our Lady of Fatima University. They have branches in quezon city, valenzuela and antipolo.
  12. nezzyRN

    so confused PLEASE HELP!!!

    yes, you're right as well that was why i mentioned on my previous post "if you're a permanent resident in the US, you don't need to take the IELTS or CGFNS anymore since these are only pre-requisite to get a VISA SCREEN CERTIFICATE which is a requirement for the Immigration Process, UNLESS the state you applied with in getting a nursing licence do require the latter exams."
  13. nezzyRN

    job offer

    yes, employers do always have an option to withdraw their sponsorship. what i'm saying is that EB3 sponsors are those employers who are willing to wait for long years to bring their hired applicants to US and work for them since they are very much aware of the on-going retrogression.
  14. nezzyRN

    so confused PLEASE HELP!!!

    i hope i got your situation right... if you're a permanent resident in the US, you don't need to take the IELTS or CGFNS anymore since these are only pre-requisite to get a VISA SCREEN CERTIFICATE which is a requirement for the Immigration Process, unless the state you applied with in getting a nursing licence do require the latter exams. What i can suggest to you is to apply NCLEX in compact state that do not require CGFNS, Arkansas for instance and when you passed the NCLEX you don't need to endorse to your state if they're participant in the COMPACT STATE. Visit the Arkansas State Board of Nursing for thorough information.
  15. nezzyRN

    job offer

    those employers sponsoring for EB3 visa can wait for 5years or more for their hired employees to get in the US and work for them. so it's important for their expected employees to keep committed with them since they spend thousand of dollars for immigration process.
  16. hi! i was at the same situation before as you are now. what i did was called and e-mail BRN explaining my concern and they sent me again the result after two weeks. the result will not be disclosed to you via phone or e-mail, it must be in the notification letter.

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