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  1. license by endorsement from CA to another state

    How we will request CA-BRN to forward NCLEX result to other state board of nursing
  2. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    No Im not, they dont have copy of NCLEX Passing Letter. I need the copy to b submitted to the Staffing AGency in NY.
  3. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    ...What do you mean to start the application again?, Im working right now here in United ARab Emirates and just accepted in a Staffing Agency there in NY, USA. The Staffing AGency is the one asking for the copy. So what will i do now? Thanks
  4. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    no I didn't.
  5. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    Yes It is CA BON, "This is notification that you have passed the NCLEX-RN examination and that you have met all otherlicensing requirements except for submitting a valid U.S. Social Security Number (SSN). Your SSN is needed in order to issue a perman...
  6. Request Copy of NCLEX Passing Letter

    Right Now I have only a copy of notification that I passed the NCLEX-RN and need SSN, now A Staffing company in US where I apply to work o request the NCLEX Pass Letter; Can you please help me to answer the following; 1. To what address I should the ...
  7. Hi Everyone, Can anyone here can help how to request a copy on NCLEX Passing Letter from California Board of Nursing. I passed the NCLEX in 2007 and now I am applying in US but they required the copy NCLEX Passing Letter which I don't have.