How can International nurse become a nurse in AUSTRALIA?

  1. Hi,
    I am a registered nurse in a foreign country. I have Passed Bachelor's Degree in nursing and have 3 years of work experience. I am planning of going to Australia to work as a nurse. If someone has been through this process, can you please guide me in this matter. Thank you all.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I have moved your thread to the International Forum since it is specific to licensure and immigration. We ask that any questions pertaining to these two topics go to this forum since most of the nurses in Australia are not aware of the requirements needed.

    You have not mentioned where you have trained, so it is hard to be specific as to your requirements. Oz has different requirements based on where you have trained.

    There are quite a few threads on this forum with the specifics that you will need to complete in order to be able to work there, please just do a search for them.
  4. by   nightingale58
    Hi from australia,
    Im a Registered Nurse from the Philippines and Germany, worked mostly in Aged care in Germany. We are now living in Australia and Ive gone through some frustrations getting my Registration to work here as a Nurse. I was in Germany when I processed my papers for Registration. And here are the following requirements:
    1. IELTS ACADEMIC tests result with 7.0 band score out of 9 , 6.5 for listening and reading and 7.0 for writing and
    2. Sponsorship or Residence Visa
    3. Current Registration from country of origin
    4. Work experiences and References
    5. Transcript of Records and Diploma
    6. Filled up forms from the Nursing Board in any choice of State in Australia plus A$358 (in ACT for a year).

    If you speak English theres no problem working here in Australia, as Nurses are in high demand. Especally when youre still young.

  5. by   rebekah_ash
    hi! i am a registered nurse with no experience and yet i found group of nurses helping each other to achieve their dreams to be in Australia... Check it out... I hope it could help u...
  6. by   rebekah_ash
    For an update: Most if not all states in australia require a straight 7s in all criteria.. just check out their site...
  7. by   keiy
    Hi nightingale58!

    I'm a bsn graduate in the phils but now living as an immigrant here in california. I didnt take the phil board because my parents took me after I graduated. I wanted to work there in australia but I don't know what requirements should I need. I hope you could help me with this matter. Thanks.
  8. by   forumjunkie
    it is a requirement to provide proof of registration from another country before you can apply for a bridging program (3 mos study to become eligible for registration). what i would suggest is to undertake a 1 year conversion course so you will become a graduate of australia. australian graduates are automatically registered. universities like curtin offer this.

    please READ the threads "newly graduate nurse wanting to work in australia" for more info. it is very very helpful. take time to read through it.
  9. by   nightingale58
    Hello Keiy,

    Here are the requirements:
    1.You need to pass the IELTS (International English Test) with band score of 7 in Listening, writing, reading , and speaking tests. Or you could take OET (Occupational Engish test) with a total score of B.
    2. Nurse Registration from Country of origin. Work experiences and etc.
    3. Transcript of Records from Uni.
    4. Police clearance

    You could go to the website of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of each State
    to read more information. Just select the State then

    Good luck and Regards,
  10. by   keiy
    Hi forumjunkie!

    When you said I have to provide proof of registration from country of origin, what do you exactly mean about that? Where can I find about the financial expenses if ever I wanna undertake the conversion course? Do I have chances, as a newly grad to be able to work in Aus? thanks.
  11. by   forumjunkie
    that is your certificate of registration. you said that you are registered in another country, you can use your certificate of registration there to prove registration. it is sent directly from the nursing board of your country to the NBV. use google to search curtin university and look at info for their conversion program.
  12. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    If I am an LPN in the US, is there a way that I can work in Australia or are they only taking RNs?
  13. by   ianina
    How do you guys find the national thingy for health in australia?
  14. by   Doza
    keiy, conversion courses are about 25K AUD for 10 months. If you have significant experience you may opt for the bridging course which is about 3-6 months, depending on the University/providre, for about 10K AUD.

    There's another thread that has a ton of information. Be patient and read through it