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  1. I've been reading a lot of questions about the new registration process in Australia... I hope others can share their experiences for all of us.... Before, the qualifications for overseas nurses to register in Australia is very specific... I think...
  2. NCLEX April 2010: 265 questions hoping to pass

    That's very inspiring.... I'm a mom too and will be working soon.. so i'm kinda' worried with my studies for nclex.... thanks for sharing....
  3. Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    I have kids too.. I find it effective to study while my kids are asleep... Good luck to us.... Time depends... I am happy.. I am not the only one in this situation in this group...
  4. Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    How are you guys doing with your reviews? I just finished Maternal Nursing chapters of Saunders 4th ed. I'll be studying pedia and psych next week... @ lollipop28 I found this site to be helpful: about meds interaction... http://www.globalrph....
  5. Developing a Plan for taking the NCLEX-RN

    :yeah: Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your story!!!! I will be taking my test soon.. and I am really nervous.... I know I need to study harder....
  6. Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    I envy your fighting spirit!!!! Oh I am really nervous..

    I know you'll be fine.. Just give your best shot...
  8. Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    Reference for Infection Control/Universal Precaution:
  9. Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    I heard some used earphones in their nclex and had some sounds to identify... I've been studying using this site, hope this may help. I'll be searching about pictures of skin lesions and other skin abnormal...
  10. I hope I can be as lucky as you guys.... Next week, I'll be getting the RLE Breakdown (theoretical and clinical hours specified) have it certified at a Public Notary and send it through fedex with my other requirements. A few months ago, I lost my ...
  11. 5 things that IELTS taught me

    Ei Thanks... I'm about to take my ielts... I'll try that book too...:loveya:
  12. I want to be a nurse anesthetist because I learned that it is the highest paid nurse. That had been one of my dreams. Until one day, I was assigned to the Delivery Room of a Provincial Hospital. I was so excited to assist as a student nurse. The moth...