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  1. rebekah_ash

    Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    Congratulations to you guys.... I think I am gonna reschedule.... :)
  2. rebekah_ash

    NCLEX April 2010: 265 questions hoping to pass

    That's very inspiring.... I'm a mom too and will be working soon.. so i'm kinda' worried with my studies for nclex.... thanks for sharing....
  3. rebekah_ash

    Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    I have kids too.. I find it effective to study while my kids are asleep... Good luck to us.... Time depends... I am happy.. I am not the only one in this situation in this group...
  4. rebekah_ash

    Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    How are you guys doing with your reviews? I just finished Maternal Nursing chapters of Saunders 4th ed. I'll be studying pedia and psych next week... @ lollipop28 I found this site to be helpful: about meds interaction... http://www.globalrph.com/drugfoodrxn.htm from one thread here: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/nclex-medications-275499.html abt. ECG quiz.. http://www.skillstat.com/Flash/ECGSim531.swf
  5. rebekah_ash

    Developing a Plan for taking the NCLEX-RN

    :yeah: Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your story!!!! I will be taking my test soon.. and I am really nervous.... I know I need to study harder....
  6. rebekah_ash

    Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    I envy your fighting spirit!!!! Oh I am really nervous..
  7. rebekah_ash


    I know you'll be fine.. Just give your best shot...
  8. rebekah_ash

    Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    Reference for Infection Control/Universal Precaution: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dhqp/bp_universal_precautions.html http://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/
  9. rebekah_ash

    Welcome NCLEX May 2010 Support Group

    I heard some used earphones in their nclex and had some sounds to identify... I've been studying using this site, hope this may help. http://www.med.ucla.edu/wilkes/intro.html I'll be searching about pictures of skin lesions and other skin abnormalities to identify.. It's good to be good in assessment. LaCharity's book abt prioritization and delegation is one of my resources too.... Hope we all pass!!! :)
  10. I hope I can be as lucky as you guys.... Next week, I'll be getting the RLE Breakdown (theoretical and clinical hours specified) have it certified at a Public Notary and send it through fedex with my other requirements. A few months ago, I lost my passion in pursuing my dreams in going to Australia for the bridge course. My father changed his mind in helping me finance all I need, especially with the tuition... But just this month my husband and I talked and decided that we'll find a way on our own to finance it. This thread has been so uplifting.... Honestly, I've read it from the beginning... I hope you will all continue to enlighten us who reads through.. by updating us of how you are doing during the bridge course and even after the bridge course.... Thank you again!!!
  11. Hello people... I hope you will all continue informing us of what you will experience in Australia... It will be of great help!!! Chabeli, thanks for keeping in touch... Aelith had been so generous of information and so with Dudzky... I hope there will be many more like them...
  12. Are there any sort of study now pay later for the bridge program??? It costs too high hehehe:D
  13. rebekah_ash

    Know everything about bridging course in sydney

    I'm still reviewing for an IELTS exam for october 24.. I'm nervous to take it earlier... I want a take 1 for an all Band 7 score!!! But I'm working out on the requirements.. If all wil be done smoothly, I hope to get in by February 2010... I'm choosing between ETEA, St. Vincents and Mt. Alexander hosp... Update me of your plans and actions too so I will also be guided.. Thanks!!
  14. How much did you pay to NBV initially?
  15. :heartbeatmmm i looked back and reread the thread.. There are nurses saying, YES they were able to successfully receive eligibility without the IELTS yet.. Of course, because it is the IELTS center, British or IDP who will send the IELTS result directly to them. As for other state, I do not know... Hope this helped!!
  16. :yeah:Hey Congrats Chabeli!!!! I didn't know you can apply at the NBVictoria even without ielts yet... Didn't they ask for that? I moved my exam to october because I wanna make sure I'm going to have all bands in 7.. Hope I can make it... Please inform me what you did.. I want to submit my applications to NBV too... thanks

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