Fastest state to give/approve eligibility

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    Im a Foreign Graduate Nurse from PI. Just want to ask What state replied or give eligibility so fast? thanks

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    On average you are looking at 4-6 months with most states. Most time spent is meeting foreign trained requirements like obtaining CES report
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    I applied at Vermont. I got my eligibility in 3 months, but that doesn't include the CES report from CGFNS. My CES report took around a month.
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    Quote from reginakrys
    I applied at Vermont. I got my eligibility in 3 months, but that doesn't include the CES report from CGFNS. My CES report took around a month.
    That's great news! I'm trying to help a friend from PH who can't make into CA (concurrency issues), but have you taken the NCLEX? If so, did you get your license in VT or does it still need to be granted with the VT BON? Good luck in any case!
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    i believe most states except Cali requires like CGFN for the CES or IELTS, or sometimes the TOEFL..if you were denied in california, you next best bet is either TExas or Hawaii...both states ONLY require CES and hawaii's application is only $40 texas is around $140...if you hve processed your CES and everything is OK then i would suggest take Hawaii because they're not that hard when it comes to eligibility, they'll send you the letter one week after receiving the report from CES
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    Hello everyone!

    I recently got denied here in CA because they said that i lack clinical hours. Is it possible to apply in hawaii even if i got denied here in cali? Also, will i be able to apply for reciprocity? and if ever i got lucky and i am eligible to take NCLEX, do i have to travel all the way to hawaii to take the exam? Or i can register in any pearsonvue center here in cali?

    Hope you guys can help me!
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    definitely you can apply in hawaii.. to answer your question, you dont have to reside in a state to which you plan to get your RN license or plan to take your NCLEX. you can stay in cali,and apply for hawaii, but like.what you have mention in your post you lack the clinical hours I would think you are a foreign grad, as far as I know Texas and Hawaii are some of the states that only require CES through CGFNS.. if you plan to process in hawaii, I suggest to do process your papers for CGFNS because it can take more than 2months, depends on how fast you can comply to their requirements... once you got it started then you can apply for hawaii.. processing for hawaii application will not take more than 2 weeks.. the reason why I said that you apply for hawaii last is because in their application they require you to.put in your CGFNS ID for foreign grad.. so once receive all they.need to to wait for the report from CGFNS.. if everything is ok then eligibility to take your about 20days processing once.cgfns sends.the.copy to hawaii BON
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    But still, you have to relocate when you pass and get a license.So before you take the first step, you guys better think if you're willing to relocate on that place and work there.If you endorse your license to another state,another processing will be done and it's just a waste of time and money.God bless us all!
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    yep, the purpose of processing here in hawaii is to get them to started with their papers.. if you plan to stay in cali then endorsement of license from hawaii to cali is your only way.verification cost $15 only... cali charged $60 for verification.. IF you want to work in cali.. you can apply in cali but like what you said you were denied, theyll mke you go back to school...ill post a link abt my friends letter frm cali after being.denied and what cali.suggested do
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    I graduated in the philippines. i cant help but think that CABRN is being unfair, but i cant do anything about it. Its their rule and requirement. please do post the options. I really dont know what to do. Im stuck. thank you

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