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Hi there! I just want to ask somebody here who has experience in processing for the NMC-UK with a previous experience in Saudi Arabia. Herewith are the requirements for an ex-saudi nurse to... Read More

  1. by   iamblessed26
    I asked my friend to do it on my behalf since I am
    already here in the Philippines. He just went to Saudi Council Pffice in Diplomatic Quarter in riyadh submit my form and came back after 5 days to collect it. Then he forwarded it to the NMC thru the courier service inside the Saudi Council office. The courier fee is 150sr. I am not sure if he shed some amount for the form since he didn't informed anything about it.
  2. by   Blood Chemistry
    Thank you for taking the time to answer my queries. Its a problem for me now since I don't have any one who can process it on my behalf.
  3. by   iamblessed26
    Hello Blood Chemistry. Just do some back read on this thread. I read it somewhere that some nurses didn't submit the license verification form to saudi council. They just submit a memo coming from saudi council itself that they don't fill up such forms. Don't be discouraged.
  4. by   Blood Chemistry
    Hi I would like to seek help from you guys if you send a copy of the letter you gave to nmc attached for the blank RAV form and the memo for saudi council. Thank you guys.
  5. by   Blood Chemistry
    Hi do you have a copy of the Letter to be given to nmc for the Blank RAV form?
  6. by   Irenjazzel
    Hi! I am under Omanfil agency for Addenbrooke's Hosp and currently processing for Certificate of Sponsorship because I already have my DL. I am an ex-saudi and having a problem with Saudi Police Clearance. My agency recommends to secure a Good Standing Reference letter from Saudi Embassy Manila as a replacement for Saudi Police Clearance even if NMC accepted my visa and passport stamps. Does anyone have the same experience with mine or any advice on how to solve this problem? I am really frustrated as of the moment because I am from Mindanao... Any advice will be of great help.. Thank you and God bless!
  7. by   Blood Chemistry
    Try to check this out Just a moment...
  8. by   Irenjazzel
    Thank you Blood Chemistry! I might try the Cert of No Derogatory Record!
  9. by   Blood Chemistry
    Hi for the Translation did you send the original or juat a photocopy?