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Can anyone help me here,im planning to take the LVN exam because I just got denied by CABON because of the concurrency issue..I just want to know: Method #3 - Equivalent Education and/or... Read More

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    Quote from k0katch
    May i know what forms did you send to your school ma'am?
    Nursing program verification from Board of Vocation Nursing,but my analyst told me to send all the documents that i sent to them to the BVNPT,so i didn't send the form from my school.

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    Quote from rn_marie
    most of the applicants here are applying for a vn license using method 3 (click for application)

    i am a lvn and the bvnpt is more rigorous than the cabon (i also have my rn license and dealing with them is way easier than the bvnpt). based on the boards website, make sure you have the following before applying for the boards (they generally take 3-4 weeks to process each application).

    method #3: completion of equivalent education and experience.
    • pharmacology - 54 hours
    • paid bedside nursing experience - 51 months
    • verification of skill proficiency.
    forms 55a - 2 & 55a - 3 (pages 1 & 2) must be filled out by your school. you must show that:

    1,530 total hours: theory - *576 hours; clinical - 954 hours
    *includes pharmacology - 54 hours

    if you do not have a ssn, they cannot issue a license.

    should i include form 55a-12/ employment verification - nursing experience on the forms that needs to be filled out by our school? so many business card should i received then? sorry, kinda lost
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    Quote from k0katch
    Should i include form 55A-12/ EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION – NURSING EXPERIENCE on the forms that needs to be filled out by our school? So how many sealed business envelope should i received then? Sorry, kinda lost

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    Quote from kayakoto
    ok so heres what I did for my application for LVN exam..

    1)I just submitted to my school the Record of Nursing Program form that they need to fill up..and requested for a TOR and RLE too..

    2)live scan again

    3)unlike with Nclex-RN all the documents will need to be submitted at the same time together..application form,$150 check,live scan and the sealed envelope from our school..thats what in their website..)You must submit the sealed business envelope containing the Record of Nursing Program and official transcripts with your
    application for licensure. ;

    Hi kabayan! im also thinking of taking the NCLEX-PN instead, hope you can update us on your application! Btw, i just saw on the BVNPT site, i need to submit "Proof of 54 hours of pharmacology" with the application, can you enlighten me with this one? Thank you!
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    what the heck!! my analyst is now asking me to pay $60 for them to transfer my records to the board of LVN.
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    hey guy what do you think of this... i got this from the bvnpt site...

    BVNPT - Unapproved Nursing Programs

    some things from the article...

    The Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (Board) has become aware of an increasing number of unapproved nursing programs operating within California or claiming to be approved by the Board. Applicants and prospective nursing students should be aware that the Board will not qualify an applicant to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), or to be licensed, after completion of an unapproved nursing program. If any portion of the instruction is completed at or through an unapproved nursing program, it is considered unapproved.

    Indicators that the program may be unapproved or cannot be deemed equivalent:

    • The program is not listed on the Board's website as an approved vocational nursing program or on the California Board of Registered Nursing website as an approved registered nursing program.
    • Lack of proof of accreditation in California (i.e., documentation from the Board verifying a specified period of accreditation). (The nursing program may tell you that it is approved.)
    • Lack of a course syllabus for each course taught.
    • Lack of information regarding credentials for each program instructor that comply with the Vocational Nursing Regulations in California.
    • Representation of online, distance, and/or blended instruction.
    • Representation that transcripts and/or degrees will be issued by an out-of-state or international program rather than the program where instruction is provided.
    • Lack of concrete information regarding clinical instruction, such as the location of the clinical instruction or that clinical instruction is to be completed abroad.
    • Lack of concurrent instruction of theory and clinical practice.

    ummm thoughts?
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    Thanks you brought that up!!, kinda lost.. depressed with what has had happened to us.
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    have you gotten your eligibility yet?
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    that reply is for kishmwah! lol next time i better just qoute people cause it doesnt show to whom replies are for..
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    so it means that we not also eligible for lvn?? Do you know if this came up just now?

    What's the plan guys?

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