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Can anyone help me here, I'm planning to take the LVN exam because I just got denied by CABON because of the concurrency issue..I just want to know: Method #3 - Equivalent Education and/or... Read More

  1. by   dragon_lady
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    YIPEEEEE! Study hard!

    I will.Thank you
  2. by   retetestis
    dragon lady: did you submit the declaration form??
  3. by   dragon_lady
    yes i did@ retetestis
  4. by   dragon_lady
    I've sent it back on june 15.
  5. by   iamtacc
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    thanks and you brought up that question too..honestly Im also confuse about the LVN application..between method 2 and 3,what is really the difference..but I think kabayan if you fill up method 3 you really need to fill up those 2 forms also because they are part of it..and kabayan why not fill up method 2?

    and yes school need to send it to u in a sealed envelope..and us will send them all the forms that they need..

    hi proudpinay i see your online and i need some help did you get your eleigibilty from bvnpt ? i just want to ask a few questions .. if you dont mind
  6. by   idreamtobeaNURSE
    hi dragon_lady,

    i just want to ask if u submitted the declaration form and complete all the information? i have mine and will send it soon, i just wanna make sure if i did the right thing.

    do you have an email address that i can reach you?
    i hope for the best for all of us....
  7. by   Duke09
    Quote from dragon_lady
    After 4 months of waiting,Thank God i finally got my eligibility letter to take the NCLEX-PN.God bless us and good luck!
    what's the difference of taking the RN and PN exam? and how much did you pay for the fee?

  8. by   dragon_lady
    Quote from Duke09
    what's the difference of taking the RN and PN exam? and how much did you pay for the fee?


    I have no idea what are the differences because i havent take PN before.I guess RN is more complicated than PN and they have different scope of practice.

    BTW,thanks Duke09
  9. by   steppybay
    Quote from Duke09
    what's the difference of taking the RN and PN exam? and how much did you pay for the fee?
    I haven't taken either, but I did post up the same question on other threads and in gathering some research, I asked about the PH NLE exam, NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN to those and from those who actually have the testing experience.

    While it's always an individual thing, it seems the our NLE is easier than the NCLEX-RN, with the NCLEX-PN actually harder questions than the two previous exams.

    The reason the PN exam is tougher than the RN exam is that the PN testing involves more critical thinking.

    Remember also that any RN can delegate certain tasks to an LVN/LPN or CNA, so as an LVN one cannot overstep their boundaries. So in essence to some degree, an RN can tell you what you must do or should do if that's what you're really responsible for and you cannot tell the RN what to do.

    This RN could even be a brand new grad or an experienced nurse, it doesn't matter, LVN's are one step below an RN's expected duties, but he or she do have the authority over an LVN.
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  10. by   Duke09
    Dragon lady, When are you planning to take your nclex-pn ? Did you still enroll at the review center? Would you advice us to take the nclex-pn to those who has problems with their application on nclex-rn ? (concurrency issue)Thanks! ________Hygeia'10
  11. by   areesh23
    Hi dragon lady!!
    What forms did you send to your school?? just the Record of Nursing Program? and about the Live scan, where can I get the OCA number? I'm so confused. someone please help. thank you.
    this is for the LVN application.
  12. by   areesh23
    Quote from kayakoto
    ok so heres what I did for my application for LVN exam..

    1)I just submitted to my school the Record of Nursing Program form that they need to fill up..and requested for a TOR and RLE too..

    2)live scan again

    3)unlike with Nclex-RN all the documents will need to be submitted at the same time together..application form,$150 check,live scan and the sealed envelope from our school..thats what in their website..)You must submit the sealed business envelope containing the Record of Nursing Program and official transcripts with your
    application for licensure. ;
    [FONT=lucida console, sans-serif][COLOR=#454545]hi kayakoto. how did you request for the TOR and RLE? do they have request forms or just the Reocord of nursing program form and school will immediately know you requested for TOR and RLE?
  13. by   Duke09
    Steppybay,So its like a chain of command and the nurse is on the top. if theres a lot under the nurse like the assistant and the lvn/lpn what else would the rn do here? No offense to the nurses here , but in the PHI, the nurses are all around you can see them all over the medical facility doing everything specially in the govt. The CaBON should give us hard working and competent nurse a chance to take that exam ! And they will see how dedicated and compassionate PHI NURSES in our field! Feel sad still..