CGFNS-CVS New York process ?

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    I am very confused about the process of Credential Verification Service (CVS) for New York State.

    I graduated from a nursing school in Philippines . But I have neither written the nursing board exam nor registered as a nurse anywhere in the world.

    Currently, I am in New York and I need to go through the Credential verification process using the CGFNS CVS service.
    However, as a part of credential verification process, CGFNS apparently requires information about my initial nursing license (which I don't have).. I am very confused at this point..

    How can I get through the CVS process without having initial nursing license ?

    Please kindly suggest me !!!

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    i suggest you check on this thread California NCLEX-RN passer w/o SSN wanting to apply for NY license:STEP BY STEP same procedure applies except for the license verification
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    Hi kababayan. CGFNS-CVS doesn't require you to have a license, they are just asking if you have one. I applied to them 6 months ago without taking the NLE back home. They waived the license requirement on my CGFNS account. I got my eligibility from NY bon about a week ago. Good luck.
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    I have undergone the CGFNS CVS procedure. I did my nursing school in India.
    Yes, CGFNS will require all your information from nursing school when you fill in the paper application.
    You will also have to check with your nursing school to send in your transcripts directly to CGFNS.

    This procedure took me almost 1 year.
    Good luck.
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    as far as i know its not neccesary to be licensed to go through NY as long as your education is ok then i think your set.
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    Moved to the International forum

    Several threads discussing this and if you haven't got a license in the country you trained you leave it blank as far as I am aware
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    Hi there !!!

    I am also Nursing graduate(BSN) from Manila, Philippines and recently applied for a RN license for New York state. As per the initial step, i have already mailed a TRANSCRIPT AUTHORIZATION FORM and SIGNED NOTARIZED APPLICATION to CGFNS international a week ago. I am not sure if they receive them already. I am not even getting any notification of document received. Do they notify or should i have to enquire them with?

    I am just wondering usually how long does CGFNS international take to send requesting letters to School officials?
    Highly appreciate for your help with this regard.
    Thanks a lot
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    @nursdlma Hi! the best way to check your status is online, once they receive your forms
    they will update your online status on your account with CGFNS.

    CGFNS will mail your forms within a week or so to your school.

    you can make the job easier by contacting your school so they will respond promptly
    to your forms as soon as they receive them, so you will not have to wait too much.

    i had problems with my process and took me almost 8 months

    good luck to you
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    Thanks a lot Macann for your prompt response . It means a lot to me.
    Best regard

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